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Don’t let the name American Express fool you. American Express has been accepted in Europe and around the world almost since it was first created. That is because American Express did not start out as a credit card company. In fact, it wasn’t a finance company at all; it was an express shipping company, which is where the name came from.

Although American Express has been in business since 1850, it wasn’t until 1882 that they got into the finance business.

There first step into the world of finance was with money orders, however by 1891 they introduced the traveler’s cheque to the world, and as they say, the rest is history.

Somehow, over the years, American Express’ connection with countries outside of the United States was unrecognized by the American people. Although American Express built their business around their international connections, the American public viewed them as a company that does business in America only.

Perhaps some of the fault lies with companies like Visa, whose slogans imply that they are the card that is available around the world (It’s everywhere you want to be and the only card accepted at the US Olympics).

The truth is, however, that American Express can be used around the world and with cards like the Blue Sky Credit Card, you can save money on travel, both domestically and internationally, above and beyond what other cards have to offer. To learn more about Blue Sky compared to other cards, read on.

Quite Possibly the Best Rewards Credit Card for Travel

American Express offers a very easy to understand rewards program for their Blue Sky American Express. Simply put, for every dollar that you spend, you earn a reward point. Pretty easy, right? Every 7,500 rewards points that you earn rewards you with a $100 travel statement credit.

What this means for you is that you can use the credit for airfare, train tickets, rental cars, hotel stays and more. There are no blackout dates, no advanced reservations required and no seating restrictions. You go when you want and where you want. If you decide tomorrow that you feel like flying to Hawaii and you have the necessary points, you can call your favorite airline and book the flight. It’s that easy.

Another benefit to using the Blue Sky card is that they have a special relationship with Hertz car rentals and Marriott Hotels. Anytime that you use your American Express card at either of these companies, you will automatically receive a discount on your purchase (an average of 33%). You will also earn free stays at Marriott after you book a certain amount of days on your credit card.

Rewards and Benefits for Those Who Don’t Travel Too

Yes, if you don’t travel or you don’t envision using your card enough to get credit towards flights, hotels, etc. you can claim your rewards points another way as well. The Blue Sky card offers a transfer of points for merchandise as well. Not just any old merchandise either.

Through the American Express Selects program, you will have access to discounts on name brand merchandise, gift cards, appliances and more.

You can use your points and apply them to your total purchase price, or you can simply take advantage of the special deals that you get from major companies by using the American Express Selects site to do your shopping.

There are plenty of other benefits when you use your Blue Sky American Express as well. For example, there is no annual fee for the card and a six-month 0% APR promotion. You will also receive a 25-day grace period on your purchases, pay off the full balance of your card at the end of the month and you never get charged interest. The interest rates after six months are 17.24%, 19.24% or 21.24% depending on your credit score.

American Express offers other features that you won’t get on any other card as well. You can receive foreign currency and travelers cheques at your doorstep. Travelers cheques are covered if they are lost or stolen (you will get your money back) and can be used worldwide. When you rent a car with your Blue Sky card, you receive free rental car insurance coverage. If you are lost or hurt, no matter where you are in the world, the Global Assist Hotline is available 24/7.

If you purchase a ticket for a bus, airline or train using your Blue Sky Amex, you will automatically receive $100,000 travel insurance. This insurance is available for every person you purchase a ticket for.

One of the benefits that American Express is known for is the protection that they offer their customers. Every purchase that you make that has a warranty of five years or less will get an additional year of coverage from American Express after the original warranty expires. Additionally, if you purchase an item and it is lost, stolen or damaged, American Express will replace it for you up to the full purchase price.

If you want to return an item under $300 to a store and they won’t take it back, American Express will refund the full amount to your card. Lastly, if your card is stolen or the card number is used to make a purchase that you are not aware of, American Express will refund the money, no questions asked. They do not require you to jump through hoops to get your money back.

Is Blue Sky American Express the Perfect Card?

Like any credit card, the Blue Sky Amex has its good and bad sides. Fortunately, this card offers a lot more good than bad. What is the bad side exactly? Well, unlike most other cards, American Express charges a fee for balance transfers. Okay, it is a small fee of only $5.00, but there is no grace period for repayment of the balance transfer.

Your interest will start to accrue immediately and applies even if you are still in the first six months of card use (where all other purchases accrue at 0% interest).

Also, if you are late making a payment to your Blue Sky American Express Card, you will be charged a fee for that as well. The fee varies, depending on how high your balance is, but the maximum is $38. There is also a 24.25% interest rate on all cash withdrawals made on the card (plus ATM fees), which is about average for any credit card company.

Yes, the Amex Blue Sky Card is an excellent credit card choice and American Express offers many great cards for consumers. Is it the right one for you? That is up to you to decide. If you think it is, then use the link on this page to connect to the American Express website and apply for the Blue Sky American Express.

If you want to compare the Blue Sky American Express Credit Card to other American Express cards, then use our comparison tool to look at what each card has to offer. American Express offers a line of cards for those with excellent credit to those with poor credit and everyone in between, and we can show those to you.

If you simply aren’t sure what card is best for you, use our Chaser tool to make your decision. You can narrow down your choices by things like the rewards program as well as your credit type and a specific company (such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express). We make it easy for you to find the right credit card, why not try our FREE credit card finder today!

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2 Cardholder Reviews for the “American Express Blue Sky Credit Card”

  1. Matt Garrett says:
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    This card is the coolest looking credit card ive ever had! They even send you a reader that you can plug into your computer so you don’t have to type in the numbers all the time. I had one problem when I lost the card, but when i called customer service they quickly took off the bogus charges and shipped me a new card right away…no hassles.

  2. Martin says:
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    At 1.33% cash back this card is better than most. I was able to get 30000 points as part of a promotion; which translates to $400 towards travel, hotel, rentals. I would certainly look around or inquire to see if they’re running a similar promotion! Think you have to charge 1000 dollars in the first 3 months to qualify.

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