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BMW Bank of North AmericaIf you are a fan of BMWs, you may be interested in the Platinum Visa Card from the BMW Bank of North America. It is especially beneficial if you are leasing a vehicle from BMW, as there are extra rewards offered by BMW. This review will discuss the benefits and features of the BMW credit card.

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BMW Platinum Visa Card Benefits

There are a number of benefits to being a BMW Platinum Visa cardholder, especially if you are currently driving a BMW or are looking to lease one in the future. The nice thing about this credit card is that you do not pay a fee to take advantage of the rewards that are offered.

When you use the BMW Platinum Visa, you earn points similar to a rewards credit card. The difference is that your points go towards various things from BMW. There is no limit as to the number of points you can build up.

BMW Visa Platinum Rewards Package

Every time you make a purchase with your BMW credit card, you build up points. There are a number of things in which you can use your rewards points. Since over half of the drivers of BMWs lease their vehicle, many of the rewards are in regards to leasing.

If you are currently leasing a vehicle from BMW, you can earn additional miles over the terms of your lease. If you plan to lease another BMW in the future, you can earn money back on your next lease. This is good for up to $5,000.

You can also redeem your rewards points for things such as accessories or parts for your vehicle, repairs, and other services. If you have charges for excess use and wear on your financial service lease, you can use your rewards points towards those charges. You can also purchase BMW merchandise with your points.

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One Cardholder Review for the “BMW Bank of North America”

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    I have had credit cards for over 20 years and I understand some are better than others but the BMW card is the worse in customer service, they are nasty and it seems you are bothering them by asking a simple question. I will not close the account until I replace it with another not to lower my FICO, I currently have 2 leases and lets just say the cc division has a lot to learn from BMW Finance, Stay away many better offers. At least thats my experiance with them.

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