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Bombay Credit CardSome Bombay credit card holders may have put their cards on ice during the years after US mall locations were closed. The Bombay Company is a furniture store who originally had a store chain that was based out of Texas. It initially opened in New Orleans in 1978 as a mail-order type business.

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The company filed bankruptcy in 2007 and is currently re-emerging across America. In the interim, you may have seen some of its products in Value City Furniture Stores and on the QVC shopping channel. Although the company has its headquarters in Canada, it has its website up with pieces available at Fred Meyer, King Soopers, and Kroger stores in addition to new storefront openings in places such as Richmond, VA.

Bombay Credit Card Facts

Those who carried a Bombay card back when the company filed bankruptcy received a Citibank MasterCard with an increase in its limit. Citibank took the liberty of offering balance transfer credit cards to those who had a Bombay credit card. As the company continues through its reemergence stage, you are encouraged to use any low interest credit card, prepaid and debit credit cards or secured credit card for your Bombay purchases.

Bombay Credit Card Reviews

Those who had Bombay credit cards posted online reviews regarding the store turnovers. Most were not affected negatively at all. One reviewer stated that his new Citibank credit card had a limit increase that was six times the original limit. Who can be mad about that?

Another reviewer just uses their Qcard for their Bombay purchases, which allows them to receive special discounts. Although there is currently no Bombay credit card, you can obtain Bombay gift cards at any time. You can even click on the special link to view your gift card balance.

Bombay Credit Card Options for the Future

As this company reinvents itself in the American market, people seem to embrace its new line of products in its New York 5th Avenue showroom and elsewhere. Since it has overcome some hardship and is now earning around 600 million per year, it may consider introducing a new Bombay credit card to its shoppers. Meanwhile, you can shop online using whatever plastic you have to purchase home decorating furniture and accessories from the Bombay Company.

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