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Boyds Bears Credit CardThere are many reasons to be interested in a Boyds Bears Credit Card. If you are interested in Boyds Bears you will be glad to know that this credit card will earn you a great deal of points that you can redeem for a variety of rewards.

Additionally, this credit card is very secure and has many other positive features that make it an excellent card on its own, without considering the rewards you will receive for using it. What follows should help you to understand the many reasons to consider a Boyds Bears card.

Of course, there are many other credit card offers that have much better rewards and benefits but read on to get some detail via this Boyds Bears Visa Platinum credit card review. Once you have finished the Boyds Bears credit card review then try out our free credit card finder!

Earning Points and Rewards

If you are a fan of Boyds Bears, you should know that you can gain exclusive bears that are not available anywhere else by choosing the Boyds Bears Credit Card. The Boyds Bears Credit Card has a system that rewards you for using it. Every time you make a purchase using this credit card, you earn a Paw Point. Once you earn 2,500 of these points, you get a 10 inch Boyds Bear absolutely free. In addition, you could save up further and trade 4,000 points for a 14 inch bear. These points accumulate, so you will find yourself having these exclusive bears automatically for making purchases you would have made anyway.

Other Boyds Bears Credit Card Advantages

The Boyds Bears card has other advantages that make it a great credit card on its own, ignoring the rewards system. For the first six billing cycles, you will receive a 0% APR, except for cash advances and purchases. After this period, your APR will vary. Additionally, there is no annual fee for the Boyds Bears Platinum Visa Card. You can even access information related to your credit card at any time you wish on the internet. Your card is also insured against a variety of accidents and problems.

Making a Final Choice

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a Boyds Bears card. For a fan of Boyds Bears, the exclusive bears that you cannot get anywhere else can be a very strong motivator to get this card, particularly if you are committed to having a complete collection. However, the high quality service and reasonable rates you will enjoy for this card are powerful motivators as well. If you are less interested in Boyds Bears, you should probably look elsewhere, as you can probably get the same deal with rewards that you will actually benefit from.

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