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BP Credit CardThere are many reasons to be interested in a BP Credit Card. If you are, you should know that there are many benefits you can receive for choosing one. You should also know about the various types of credit cards from BP that are available for you, as they are all different enough to require a careful choice.

However, they are similar enough that if you are interested in rewards related to BP, these cards should all be on your list. What follows should help you to understand the various advantages and disadvantages of these BP gas credit cards.

There are many different gas credit cards available so be sure to do your research but first start off by reading through this BP credit card review and then be sure to use the free credit card comparison tool on this page today!

Overall BP Credit Card Benefits

The BP Credit Card allows you to do many things to keep track of your account. With it, you can update all of your contact information and billing information from the convenience of your own internet connection. You can also keep track of all of your transactions that take place on the account online, which can be a very good way to avoid identity theft. The account even allows for the paying of bills online and many adjustments to the type of account as well. These benefits are all significant. However, you should consider the individual BP credit cards that are available, as you would not want to choose the wrong one.

BP Visa Card Advantages

The BP Visa Card allows you to earn many rebates on your purchases. For example, if you make any purchases at any BP locations, you will receive 5% back as a rebate. You will also receive 2% rebates on any eligible dining or travel purchases you make, as well as 1% on other eligible purchases. As you can see, this is quite significant, especially if you make purchases at BP locations frequently. If this is the case, you should definitely compare your shopping habits to the list of businesses you will receive rebates for dealing with to see if this credit card is right for you.

BP MultiCard and BP Card Advantages

The BP MultiCard will allow you to earn rebates as well. With it, when you make Ultimate Fuel purchases, you will receive 2% back as a rebate. The same applies to the BP Card. Because these cards give you exactly the same overall benefits as the BP Visa Card, you may want to investigate them further as well.

Redeeming BP Credit Card Rebates

Once you have earned a rebate with any of the BP credit cards, you can redeem it in a variety of ways. These rebates can come in the form of a BP gift card. This can be particularly useful if you often make purchases at BP, which is likely if you were interested in the card in the first place.

Alternatively, you could choose to get your rebate as a check. You can even donate your rebate directly to The Conservation Fund if you are interested in donating to a charity that protects the environment.

As you can see, the different types of BP credit cards have many positive features. However, the usefulness of the rebates that you can earn will depend on your shopping habits. Before choosing one of these cards, you should definitely shop around to see how the benefits it will offer to you compare to other cards.

While these credit cards can be great, the specific benefits they provide will be more helpful to some people than to others.

Start comparing all credit card offers now!

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2 Cardholder Reviews for the “BP Credit Card”

  1. rita mccauley says:
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    for those of you who don’t know, this rewards program
    is being phased out and another one in its place. the
    repacement program is a joke. i am now looking for
    another similar card, but so far, to no avail. good luck
    in finding another program like this one was.

  2. BPNowAJoke says:
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    • 11111

    Agreed, rita. I spent out the last of my rebates and am now getting a better total savings by simply using the gas stations that compete with BP. In my area, BP was always a few percent higher than the competitors, but that was offset by the 5% rebate. Now, not so much. I’m still chuckling at how this simple, best-of-breed rebate program became such a convoluted marketing scam. The fact that you can only get your rebates once on ONE tank of gas up to 20 gallons, with no rollover if you dont pump all 20 gallons, is an insult to any driver’s intelligence. Goodbye BP gasoline.

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