British Airways Visa Signature Card

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British Airways Credit CardThere are many reasons to be interested in a British Airways Credit Card. If you use British Airways frequently, you should know that a British Airways card will allow you to gain many benefits that will help you.

This airlines credit card allows its user to gain BA Miles more quickly. It also gives you greater rewards for making purchases on British Airways. Naturally, for anyone who uses British Airways regularly, these are great benefits.

While it is not the credit card for everyone, the BA card should definitely be on your list of cards to consider if you think the benefits listed above would fit your needs. Read through this British Airways credit card review and then use our free credit card “Chaser” tool to compare credit cards!

Earning British Airways Miles

With the British Airways card, you can earn many BA miles for making a variety of purchases. For one thing, for each dollar you spend on British Airways, you will earn 2.5 BA Miles. Additionally, you will earn 1.25 BA Miles for each dollar you spend on other purchases using you British Airways card. On top of that, you will receive 20,000 BA Miles for your first purchase made with the card and 10,000 more after you reach $750 with it. Naturally, these miles can accumulate very quickly.

Other British Airways Credit Card Benefits

You will also receive many other benefits for using this card, all related to British Airways. For example, cardholders can receive a $50 discount on any transatlantic, round-trip flights on British Airways. Additionally, there are many ways that you can use your BA card to bring your friends and family with you on your flights, including free ticket deals, and a voucher than can be used to bring a guest using your BA Miles.

For Further Research

While the benefits gained by regularly using the British Airways Credit card are not to be taken lightly, it may be more difficult than it seems to gain them. People who make regular purchases at BA will find the rewards to be noticeable, but people who are not in the habit of doing so will not.

While it might be tempting to increase your use of BA services, the truth is that this would not lead to significant benefits. Because of this, the BA card is only helpful to people who already use BA services very often. If this describes you, you should do further comparative research that includes other credit cards associated with companies you do business with, to see which one will help you the most.

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One Cardholder Review for the “British Airways Visa Signature Card”

  1. Pasko Varnica says:
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    Do not get the British Airways Visa credit card. The benefits claimed by this card are borderline false advertisement. It is practically impossible to claim any miles for travel on British Airways. For example, today is early April. The next available flight on BA using the miles accumulated with this card is late October. Yes, late October. You may say that I did not make reservations early. Check this out. You can make reservations 11 months ahead. March of 2012 is 11 months ahead. As of today, there are there are only 3 days in March 2012, all Wednesdays, with flights where mileage can be used. This card is worthless.

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