Credit Cards Offered by Capital One

Capital One credit cards offer a multitude of services and benefits unique to their cards that you can’t get elsewhere. Credit cards like Capital One help build credit that can assist in getting monetary needs such as loans, mortgages, and other services that rely on having a high credit score.

There are many pros and cons to owning a Capital One credit card, but when you are responsible with it a credit card can be a great boon. Here are some of the specifics that you will find with this provider so you can determine if a credit line with this company makes sense for you.

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Capital One Credit Card Perks

Many Capital One credit cards offer bonuses when you sign up with them, like frequent flier miles, or vacation funds, or many other perks to offset interest rates. It simply takes a while for all these perks to stack up and make them the card worth your while. Additionally, you have to use the card frequently to get these benefits to stack up. The Capital One website has a tool that allows you to track these benefits.

Benefits of Credit Card Use

There are two main benefits of credit card use. One is that you have instant money when you need it, and you don’t have to pay it back immediately, simply monthly.

Most credit cards have an interest rate on them, so you pay back more than you spent, but the convenience can be very worth the extra money. Most credit card companies even offer a grace period in which if you repay the amount owed there will be no interest charge. After all, it’s simpler to carry one card with you than a large mass of bills.

The other benefit is that responsible use of credit cards has a good effect on your overall credit score. This will make you more attractive to other lenders and even employers.

Credit Card Risks & Concerns

The biggest issue some people have with credit cards is that they lose track of their spending and end up with huge card bills that they can’t keep up with. Capital One offers services that help you keep track of your transactions in a clear and easily sorted through format, so you can stay on top of your spending. However, you need to be proactive and use the services offered. Another concern people have about credit cards is identity theft. It’s been on the rise for the last several years, and unfortunately thieves are very creative. Capital One offers increased security on their cards and online services. Like all card companies, they give you the ability to immediately call in and report your card stolen, as well as increased online banking security.

Capital One Tools & Services

As listed above, Capital One has many tools and services to make things easier on its users. Their online banking services are top-notch, offering a very large amount of control you’re your account. Things like the ability to track your transactions easily will make it much simpler to repay what is owed while keeping your credit score high. The increased online security also ensures that your card, money, and identity will be safer.

Capital One Cards for Bad Credit

Capital One offers a variety of cards to poor-credit or no-credit customers, giving them the chance to improve their credit scores. These cards carry a low credit limit, which can be an issue if you aren’t cautious, but so long as you keep a scrutinizing eye upon your transactions, your credit score will slowly but surely raise. These cards also carry a high interest rate, which may cause issue if you are unable to keep up with the payments.

History of Capital One

Unlike many credit card companies, Capital One started out offering lending services first as opposed to branching from other money services. The company used a unique strategy that marketed towards the aforementioned poor or no-credit customers, and allowed them to garner a very large customer base. Unlike other similar lending services, Capital One bought out banks rather than being bought out. As it stands now, Capital One is one of the ten largest banks in America at this time.

Capital One Credit Management

Capital One also offers services that teach people about their credit and how to manage it wisely. It even offers cards to college students, a particularly high-risk demographic that may have issues repaying cards due to the nature of employment available to students. Additionally, they have a program to support female and minority business enterprises.

Compare Capital One Credit Card Offers

Ultimately, the card you choose is up to you, however you should keep in mind many of the perks and benefits of having a Capital One card and compare them to other companies.

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