Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business

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Business owners know all too well, how difficult it can be to collate their financial statements when it’s time to do their taxes. The Capital One Spark Cash Select business card offers account holders the ability to track all of their expenses for the year in one detailed statement.

Called the “Year-end summary,” this is just one of the many reasons that applying for Capital One Spark Cash Select business credit cards can help small businesses owners in the US.

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Capital One Spark Cash Select business credit cards are only available to businesses that have a positive credit history. Applications can be completed online, via phone or standard paper forms.

Applicants will need to supply Capital One with their employee identification numbers, mailing address and basic financial information in order to receive a favorable decision.

Capital One Spark Cash Select Details

Line other rewards credit cards in the Capital One Spark line; cardholders get the customary 1% cash back on purchases charged to their accounts as well as 50% rewards points as a bonus at the end of each year. The interest rate on the Capital One Spark Cash Select is variable.

SparkSM Cash Select Benefits

  • Get a 50% bonus on the cash back you earn throughout the year—for example, if you earn $240 cash back during the year, you’ll get a bonus of $120!
  • Earn 1% cash back on every purchase, every day
  • Redeem your cash rewards anytime
  • There’s no limit to the amount of cash you can earn
  • Cash rewards don’t expire
  • No annual fee

Capital One Spark Cash Select credit cards are highly customizable. Customers can choose from one of four traditional designs, or they can add virtually any picture, words, or logo that they want.

The Small Business Association doesn’t have much information on business credit cards, but this agency does give entrepreneurs a crash course on merchant accounts, processing payments and money management.

APR is 0% on purchases until June 2014, with 12.9% – 20.9% variable after that. Cash advance APR is 24.9%.

Capital One Spark Cash Select Fees

Cardholders are not responsible for paying a yearly maintenance fee with the Capital One Spark Cash Select. Late payment fees in the amount of $39 can be applied, but in many cases, this can be waived if the account holder has a flawless payment history.

The fee for transferring the balance from another credit card is 3% or $10 if the amount is not substantial. Capital One lists the entire fee schedule for the Capital One Spark Cash Select credit card in the user agreement.

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