Capital One SparkSM Miles Select for Business

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Capital One credit cards have long been associated with consumers looking to rebuild their credit scores, but now the line of Capital One Spark Miles Select business credit cards are causing some people to reconsider their stance. Perfect for business owners that want keep track of spending, earn points, and give their employees extra tools, the Capital One Spark Miles Select card comes with several rewards.

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Spark Miles are accumulated at a 1:1 ratio, plus a special 50% bonus on every mile earned when you’ve had your Capital One Spark Miles Select credit card for a year. Although these travel credit cards are geared towards business owners that stay on the move, virtually any type of entrepreneur can reap the benefits.

Spark Miles don’t just have to be on airline tickets. Gift cards, hotel rooms and other merchandise can be purchased with these rewards points.

Specs for the Capital One Spark Miles Card

Below is a quick list of the card specs:

  • Get a 50% bonus on the miles you earn throughout the year—for example, if you earn 24,000 miles during the year, you’ll get a bonus of 12,000 miles!
  • Earn 1 mile per dollar on every purchase, every day
  • Fly on any airline with no blackout dates or seat restrictions
  • There’s no limit to the amount of miles you can earn
  • Miles don’t expire
  • Redeem miles for travel, cash, merchandise, gift cards, and more

It’s easy to redeem your miles for travel

  • Use your card to book travel with any agency or Web site
  • Just add two zeros to the price of your ticket or other travel expense—that’s how many miles you need
  • For example, if your ticket costs $150, you need 15,000 miles

Capital One Spark Miles Select Interest Rate

While the Capital One Spark Miles Select credit card comes with a variable interest rate, it is broken down into three groups.

Technically, these are not transfer balance credit cards, but new customers are able to receive a limited time offer. All balances transferred over to the Capital One Spark Miles Select credit card prior to the first day of June 2014 get to lock in the standard APR.

Capital One Spark Miles Select Benefits

For the first six months, new Capital One Spark Miles Select cardholders pay no interest on all purchases made. Depending on their credit ratings after the introductory periods end, they will pay 12.9%, 16.9% or 20.9% interest. Smart Money gives business owners helpful tips for selecting the best business credit cards.

Cardholders can earn as many bonus miles as they want to, and the 50% bonus rewards has no cap either. Employees can be added as authorized users and no additional fees are applicable.

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