Capital One® Spark® Select for Business

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The Capital One Spark Select for Business credit card is the most basic credit card available to business owners of the Spark Select group. New business owners that have not yet been able to build up their credit histories can use these rewards credit cards to finance their companies for nine months without having to pay any interest.

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Getting business credit cards isn’t always busy, especially when no collateral, no financial statements, or other pertinent details are not available. The Capital One Spark Select card has an initial minimum credit limit of $500, which can be increased if timely payments are received.

Business owners that have been turned down for other business credit cards can apply for the Capital One Spark Select and have a better chance of being instantly approved.

Capital One Spark Select Benefits

The Capital One Spark Select credit card is a combination of a business and a balance transfer credit card. Incentives such as rewards points and bonuses also give business owners further incentive to use the Capital One Spark Select. There is not a yearly fee and additional credit cards can be issued to employees, and in some instances the spouses of the account holders.

The introductory interest rate period lasts until September 2014, and new cardholders don’t pay any interest at all during this time. The Small Business Administration recommends that all small business owners apply for several business credit cards in order to mitigate risks.

SparkSM Select Benefits

  • Save with our lowest intro APR on all purchases until September 2014
  • Enjoy no annual fee
  • Build business credit with responsible use and be eligible for an automatic credit line increase
  • Earn 1 mile per dollar on all purchases and there’s no limit to the amount of miles you can earn
  • Miles don’t expire and can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, gift cards, cash and more
  • Fraud Coverage if your card is ever lost or stolen
  • Enjoy business benefits including Year-End Summaries, employee cards at no additional cost, and experienced small business customer service
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees

It’s easy to redeem your miles for travel

  • Use your card to book travel with any agency or Web site
  • Just add two zeros to the price of your ticket or other travel expense—that’s how many miles you need
  • For example, if your ticket costs $150, you need 15,000 miles

Capital One Spark Select Fees

After the promotional zero percent interest rate period ends, Capital One Spark cardholders will pay 10.9% to 18.9% on charges. Any account that becomes delinquent several times can default to the penalty interest rate, which is 29.4% interest.

Payments made after the grace period will have a $39 late fee tacked on. Cardholders that qualify for a cash advance will charged 24.9% on the amount of money taken out. Other fees that amount to no less than $10 or three percent may also apply when getting a cash advance with the Capital One Spark Select card.

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