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Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the most well known and loved cruise lines in the United Stated. With destinations stretching around the globe, Carnival guarantees an enjoyable vacation.

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One way Carnival tries to help their travelers is by offering a rewards credit card, known as The Carnival™ MasterCard® that lets them earn fun points that they can apply to their next Carnival vacation.

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The Fun of Carnival

Carnival offers its guests top of the line amenities while helping them to create life long memories. Aside from the comfortable staterooms and world-class food, Carnival allows their guests to choose from countless activities on board the ship to special excursions at their ports of call.

While these special excursions are not included in the cost of the cruise itself there is a wide price range so there are excursions available to every family no matter the budget.

Some popular excursions include swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, history tours, food and wine tours, glass bottom boat rides, shopping tours, scuba diving, helicopter tours, whale watching, dog sledding, fly fishing, kayaking, river rafting, zip line, and glacier tours.

An excursion is an easy way to have an adventure that would be hard or more costly to plan on an independent vacation. Carnival does all of the hard work so their guests can just have fun.

Be sure to look into getting The Carnival™ MasterCard® card today!

The Carnival™ MasterCard®

The Carnival™ MasterCard® is a rewards credit card that lets the cardholder earn rewards points that they can later redeem for discounts on Carnival cruises and merchandise. When the cardholder makes a purchase with Carnival Cruise Lines they will earn two rewards points for every $1 spent and they will earn one rewards point for every $1 spent on every other purchase.

The rewards points earned with your Carnival™ MasterCard® can be applied to the cost of the cruise directly or can allow the guest to get special discounts once they are on board. The rewards points can also be redeemed with Carnival’s sister cruise lines Princess Cruises, and the Holland America Line.

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