Carnival Sea Miles MasterCard Credit Card

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Read through this Carnival Seal Miles credit card offer review to decide if this is the best credit card for you.

Many people keep credit card accounts open to help them cover large purchase they might not have the cash for right away, and to help they establish a good credit rating for later in life by demonstrating that they can pay off the balance each month.

Recently credit card companies have been providing creative benefits to encourage people to use their Carnival credit card Sea Miles more often. If you’re the type of person that likes to travel, you might want to consider the Carnival Sea Miles Credit Card as a way to earn free miles of travel on a cruise ship for each dollar you spend on the card.

Rates and Fees for Carnival Sea Miles Credit Card

Before signing up for any new credit card or transferring a balance from one card to another, it’s important to make sure that you fully understand all applicable rates and fees. Many times, consumers will become enamored with the promotional rates, only to be surprised when they increase dramatically at the end of the promotional period.

Here are some of the most important fees for the Carnival Sea Miles card:

  • $0 annual fee
  • 10.24% variable purchase APR
  • 10.24% (Prime+6.99%) transfer APR
  • 0.00% fixed transfer intro APR (6 months)
  • 3.00% cash advance fee with $10.00 minimum
  • $39 late payment fee

Carnival Sea Miles Credit Card Rewards

If you’re considering a travel credit card or rewards credit card that rewards you with the ability to go on a cruise for a reduced cost, you’re probably most interested in the rewards that you can earn with the Carnival Cruise Credit Card Sea Miles. When evaluating a card stipulation for rewards it’s important to note that a “mile” earned does not always translate into a mile of travel, so using Carnival Sea Miles will be based on the below information.

Rewards for the Carnival Sea Miles card include:

  • Up to 10,000 Bonus SeaMiles
  • Double SeaMiles on all Carnival purchases charged to Sail & Sign®
  • One (1) SeaMile for every $1 spent on all other purchases

Should You Apply for the Carnival Credit Card?

The choice of whether you should apply for the cruise miles credit card offer is one that should not be taken lightly. Do your research, read Carnival MasterCard reviews, and make sure to compare all of the best credit cards before making a decision.

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2 Cardholder Reviews for the “Carnival Sea Miles MasterCard Credit Card”

  1. Deanna C. says:
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    NOT WORTH IT when using for dollars off of a cruise. I was told I would be able to use both the promotional room credit along with my dollars off using my seamiles on my cruise. After the room credit never showed up on my account during the cruise I discussed this with the pursers desk while on the ship. After much time waiting in line and talking with many different people, I was told I would have to contact seamiles directly after my return. After much time on hold and discussing this with seamiles, it is needless to say when all was said and done they did not honor my room credit of $140.00. It would have been wiser to book through the promotion to get the room credit and then cash in my seamiles for credit off of purchases made on the cruise. In the long run – i was OUT $140.00 after years of making purchases on this card to use the seamiles benefit. Again, needless to say, I am no longer using this card for it does not hold up to its rewards.

  2. Lindsay N says:
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    This is the worst credit card ever. Long story short, I have been dealing with these incompetent jerks for 5 months regarding nearly 8,700 rewards points I never received. For some odd reason they can’t figure out how to credit my account with them. Plus, they always try to sell me “identity theft protection” at 30 bucks/month even though I have made it blatantly obvious I don’t even trust them to do their first job right. DO NOT USE THIS CARD. Save yourself the headache.

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