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Cato, Its FashionCato, Its Fashion credit card is offered through the Cedar Hill National Bank located in Charlotte, NC and Lawrenceville, GA. This is a personal credit card for usage at any Cato Fashion store. This credit card comes in handy when you want to shop without the worry of carrying cash.

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Unlike the rewards credit cards heavily promoted today, this card maintains its proven policy of no annual fee to own. A 22.95% annual percentage rate or APR is fixed and will not change during your membership. There are no complicated strings or application process.

Cato, Its Fashion Application Requirements

This company does require a credit check and at least a 650-690 FICO score. Your credit does not have to be perfect, since they may even consider a lesser score under certain conditions. This is not a secured credit card although it is a simple way to rebuild your credit.

There is an online application on the Cato website that you can fill out in just a few minutes. Once your application is received, you may or may not get instant approval. However, the company promises a response in a reasonable couple of days or so.

Your Cato, Its Fashion credit card limit will be based on your credit score. This limit may be increased according to the length of your membership. You will also receive regular updates by mail or to your email as requested.

Cato, Its Fashion Credit Card Protection Plan

It is hard to determine foreseeable problems down the road, and for that reason, Cato offers their Account Protection Plan in case you experience one of the following:

  • Loss of job
  • Death of the other card member
  • Leave of absence
  • Disability

This program only applies if there is a balance on your account, and it only cost a small fee to protect your Cato account.

Cato, Its Fashion Secure Online Shopping

In today’s society, it is important to protect your credit cards from fraud. Although you cannot make your payments online as of yet, Cato offers you a secure online shopping experience. More information is on the Cato, Its Fashion website.

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    I have shopped at Cato since they opened. I did have a credit card at one time. but due to illness did not use for almost a yr. my card was canceled due to that. I later filled out for another card and was denied. I have credit cards with all other fashion stores and have no problem. my credit is good. it seems this company thinks I’m not credit worthy. therefore I will do my shopping else were.

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