CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

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CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards Credit CardAs the name of these personal credit cards indicate, the CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards credit cards have a low interest rate as well as a purchased based rewards program. The CEFCU Credit Union has branches in two states and allows members to join based on several criteria. Consumers can get in contact with this credit union in order to determine whether they are eligible for membership.

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The Help with My Bank federal website helps consumers to understand the differences and similarities between banks and credit unions. Generally, credit unions are more selective about who can join, but they also give customers a higher return on their savings. You may want to apply for the CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards credit card if you have a decent credit history but cannot be approved by a major bank.

CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards Interest Rates

The CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards line of credit cards have a variable 9.50% APR. Although interest rates may fluctuate, these still qualify as low interest credit cards. Cardholders that have lower credit scores can be charged 19.00% interest on the CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards credit card.

The interest rates for cash advances, foreign transactions, and balance transfers also vary. CEFU Credit Union has different penalty interest rates each type of transaction, but cardholders only pay higher interest rates when they have a flawed payment history. In addition to paying interest on additional credit card services, CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards cardholders pay fees for foreign transactions and ATM withdrawals.

CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards Benefits

Credit union members that are approved for the CEFCU Visa Platinum Rewards card are able to select from six different designs. While new cardholders don’t get any bonus points at the time of sign-up, they do get to earn points at a generous 1:1 ratio.

The CEFCU Visa Rewards program is available to any CEFCU Credit Union member that also has a branded Visa debit or credit card. CEFCU Credit Union specifies that CEFCU Visa Rewards points are only good when credit card accounts remain open.

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