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Even though they are rich and famous, celebrities are people, too. And as people, they need to use credit cards just like us. But there is often a distinctive difference when talking about celebrities and their credit cards, because many of them don’t just use regular old cards: they like to use uber-luxury cards instead. So if you’re curious as to which credit cards are used by celebrities, here’s a breakdown of 5 different celebrity credit cards for you.

Bono’s Credit Card

Bono's Red American Express Credit Card

Being in the spotlight hurts Bono’s eyes so much that he has to wear special glasses, kind of like that kid you knew back in elementary school. Or the safety glasses you had to wear in woodshop. Except for the fact that unlike these previous examples, Bono is actually really popular. Like U2 popular.

Because of this, Bono has teamed up with American Express to offer the Amex Red Card. He uses it himself, in fact. As Bono has famously said, “This card is designed to eliminate HIV in Africa.” This is by taking a portion of the proceeds and putting into a special humanitarian fund. It also makes Bono feel better about buying the Edge an expensive new knit cap for his birthday.

Jay-Z’s Credit Cards

Jay-Z Credit Card

Rapper Jay-Z, known for his smooth crooning as well as his gangster-like attitude, is a loyal customer of the American Express Centurion Card (a.k.a. the “Amex Black”). How can we verify this? Based on his seminal masterpiece, “Pretty Girls.” Jay-Z is impressed with the card’s ability to have no limit at all.

“And the Black card don’t got no max.”

Grammatical inconsistency aside, he’s right. It doesn’t have a max. That’s probably why the guy owns one himself, since you have to spend something in the realm of $250,000 a year in order to own one. But that’s not a problem for Jay-Z because he’s probably got a lot of expenses. Like Beyonce.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Credit Card

Queen Elizabeth Credit Card

Amazingly, there is a card that is even more exclusive than the American Express Black card. It’s called the Coutts & Co.’s World Card. Coutts & Co. is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, so this is a card strictly for European clients. It is said to be used by royalty such as Queen Elizabeth II.

It seems somewhat amazing that the Queen would even need a credit card; doesn’t someone else do all of her shopping for her? Maybe one of her staff uses the card to buy her things, like crown cleaner, or Poli-Grip. (She’s getting on in years, you know.)

Bow Wow’s Credit Card

Bow Wow Credit Card

The artist formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow also likes to use the American Express Centurion card. Maybe it’s because he’s all “growed up.” That’s why he prefers to be called Bow Wow these days. Or maybe it’s because he likes to rap about it in his songs. In his highly-acclaimed song “I Think They Like Me (Remix)” he can be found rapping out these lyrics:

“I ain’t gotta act hard, I’m under 21 with a Black Card.”

Under 21? Wow, Bow. You’re going to need that “no limit” card to keep up with your jewelry collection, not to mention your cash withdrawals:

Bow Wow Cash Money

You ain’t gotta act hard Bow Wow, you ain’t gotta act hard.

Elle MacPherson’s Credit Card

Elle MacPherson Credit Card

Elle MacPherson is an Australian supermodel who has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated a record five times. But you probably already knew that. What you should know is that MacPherson also uses the American Express Red card, launched by the goggle-clad U2 rocker Bono. Purchases made with the Red card directly help those struggling in Africa, with 1% of purchases donated to the Global Fund, an international effort to eradicate AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. So if you spend a lot of money on an Amex like MacPherson does, shopping for custom “Elle” belt buckles, you might want to consider getting yourself a Red card.

Bottom Line on Celebrity Credit Cards

Most celebrities don’t talk about the credit cards that they use, unless it’s to brag (in the case of the Amex Black) or to champion a good cause (in the case of the Amex Red). Although some celebrities have their own branded cards with their famous faces plastered on plastic, those usually aren’t a great deal for the consumer, so it is highly unlikely that celebrities even use their own celebrity cards.

In the end, celebrities use high-end cards to fuel their high-end lifestyles. These include the American Express line predominantly because of its cachet and customer service. So, if you want to pretend like you’re famous, opting for an American Express credit card is your best bet, if you can afford one.

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