Charter Oak FCU Visa Gold Credit Card

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Charter Oak Federal Credit Union Visa Gold Credit CardCharter Oak is a Federal Credit Union located in Connecticut that has almost 70,000 members. This credit union offers two credit cards to their individual members. These two credit cards are the Visa Platinum and Visa Gold credit cards.

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Many people prefer a credit union to a bank because they feel like they receive better customer service. A bank is a for profit organization that can seem to care more about their bottom line than their customers. To learn more about the differences between credit unions and banks you can go to Suze Orman’s website.

The Membership Requirements for the Charter Oak FCU

Unlike a bank, a credit union has membership requirements. Most credit unions require their members to live, work, go to school, attend religious services, or volunteer in certain counties or towns. Other credit unions are specific to certain employers or areas of business.

The Charter Oak Federal Credit Union is an area-based credit union for Windham and New London counties in Connecticut. There are Charter Oak branches in the cities of:

  • Dayville
  • Norwich
  • Montville
  • Pawcatuck
  • Waterford
  • Groton
  • Niantic
  • Willamantic

About the Visa Gold Credit Card

This credit card offers a credit limit as much as $15,000 at a fixed interest rate. The interest rate the cardholder will pay is 13.99% for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. The transaction fee for balance transfers and cash advances is 3% with a minimum fee of $25. The foreign transaction fee is only 1% of the total amount spent. The fee for late payments, card replacements, check stop payments, and returned payments is $25.

Since this is a fixed interest rate credit card, the cardholder has to have a very good credit score. Even though the interest rate for this card is relatively low, it is still best to pay off the credit card balance each month to avoid paying interest payments at all.

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