Chase Freedom Credit Card

The Chase Freedom credit card is a cash back credit card that offers a number of impressive cash back rewards and perks. Read through this Chase Freedom review to decide if applying for the Chase Freedom credit card is right for you. Be sure that you use our free credit card finder to thoroughly explore your options before you apply for a card.

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Chase Freedom Cash Rewards

UPDATE: As of 4/1/10 the Chase Freedom has upped it’s max cash back percentage from 3% to 5% in rotating spending categories. Read on for more details.

The Chase Freedom card offers cash back rewards of a minimum of 1% cash back on all purchases with no limits. In addition the the guaranteed 1% cash back floor cardholders can also earn up to 5% cash back in certain categories. The 5% cash back categories rotate every 3 months (similar to the Discover More Card) so if you consistently spend money in one particular category then you may be better off choosing a cash back card like the American Express True Earnings Cash Back Card that has a fixed cash back amount of 1% to 3% in different categories that do not rotate.

Chase Freedom Merchant Discounts

In addition to the generous 1% to 5% cash back the Chase Freedom credit card also offers discounts through a partnership agreement with many online merchants. Chase cardholders are required to make their purchases by clicking through the links on the Chase merchant portal in order to be eligible for the special Chase cardholder discounts and rebates.

Chase Freedom Travel Rewards

The Chase Freedom travel rewards program is a nice benefit that many cash back cards do not have. To redeem Chase Freedom travel points cardholders can use the Orbitz powered flight booking engine at the Chase website.

Should You Apply for the Chase Freedom Credit Card?

No one credit card is right for everyone and you should use our free credit card finder to do your research and compare many different cards. That being said, the Chase Freedom Card is a great cash back card that also offers generous merchant discounts as well as travel rewards. If you have good or excellent credit and want a flexible cash rewards credit card then the Chase Freedom Card may be a great choice for you.

Apply easily NOW for the Chase Freedom Credit Card by clicking here!

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3 Cardholder Reviews for the “Chase Freedom Credit Card”

  1. Richard H. Wilde says:
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    The only ‘unforgiving’ policy if you started a councelling program and then drop it for one week. You will not get a second chance.By dropping from a councelling service, you will then pay an interest rate as high as 27.44%. Highest late fees – in the year 2008, I was late two times – $39.00 late fee each. When I get the balance paid off, I’ll never request a Chase Card again.
    Discover Card and Capital One have been wonderful and very understanding, most of all, forgiving.
    Where I give zero ‘stars’ to Chase. The checked boxes above were required to allow my placement of my comments. I will give the other two companies 10 ‘STARS’ each.

  2. susan snyder says:
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    • 11111

    ZERO STARS , I had to say one in order to get this comment accepted This is a bait and switch scam. I received an invitation to apply for this card. On the back of the \”party invite\” it was stated in 4 point font that I would automatically be considered for another card, (what they really want to give you) whose benefits are not set forth, let alone interest rates. After speaking with not one but two reps, I was told that they could not say which card I would qualify for; I kept saying, I was only applying for the \”party invite\” you sent me and not the lesser party. I was fine if I was rejected for this card but did not want my credit score to go down because (without my permission) they would open up a credit under this lesser unknown card. Finally, when forced, the supervisor admitted that no matter what they did, I would be considered for BOTH cards regardless of my express desire that if I was rejected on the freedom card to call it a day. I will keep my citibank cashrewards card.

  3. Grrrrr says:
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    • 33333
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    • 11111

    I have this card. I’ve had fraudulent charges on this account twice in the last sixth months. In the most recent instance I called a week ago when I received a notification that there had been questionable activity. I was told there was no issue with my account. Someone proceeded to charge my account from all over the country all week long. The last time this happened Chase sent me three different letters telling me they were reversing fraudulent charges that were not fraudulent. Terrible customer service. Terrible security. The good cash awards don’t make it worth it.

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