Chase JP Morgan Palladium Credit Card

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Chase J. P. Morgan Palladium Credit CardThe Palladium credit card is not a card that just anyone can apply for; in fact, no one can apply for this credit card. Instead, JP Morgan Chase offers these luxury credit cards to individuals that keep a significant amount of money with their bank. How significant an amount? The average Palladium cardholder keeps at least $30 million with JP Morgan Chase.

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This credit card is similar to the American Express Black card in that only a handful of people in the world meet the financial standards necessary to qualify for it. While it is unlikely, you will ever be able to get a Palladium card you can learn how to save the most money for your future from sites like Suze Orman’s.

The Palladium Card Itself is Worth a Pretty Penny

According to Mental Floss, almost all credit cards are made from a flexible material. This material is why credit cards are commonly referred to as plastic. The Palladium card is actually made out of palladium. Palladium is an extremely rare silver colored metal. As if palladium was not luxurious enough, 23-karat gold is added to the mixture when the cards are made.

The name of the card and the cardholder has to be etched into the metal credit card with a laser. Because of the rarity of the metals used to make it the card itself is worth around $1,000 or more depending on the current market worth of gold.

Perks that Come with Having a Palladium Credit Card

Since the people that qualify for this credit card are in a league of their own so are the card benefits. Palladium cardholders have access to around 800 private planes through the Marquis Jets Company. The use of one of these planes costs around $5,000 an hour. The card provider will also evacuate a Palladium cardholder from an emergency at no cost to them up to $100,000.

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