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The Chase Sapphire credit card is an excellent card for those people with good credit to have in their wallets. It offers many advantages to those who qualify. The Chase Sapphire rewards program, combined with excellent features to save you money, such as no annual fee, make up the ideal aspects of a credit card that practically anyone would like to have. Read through this Chase Sapphire review and then either submit a secure online Chase Sapphire credit card application using the apply button above or use our free comparison tool to compare credit cards!

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The Benefits of the Chase Sapphire Credit Card

The financial advantages of this Chase credit card are very alluring. There is no annual fee with this credit card. Another great feature is the fact that you can split how you pay your bill each month. This means that you can choose to pay off certain charges entirely to avoid interest charges. However, you can also opt to take longer to pay off larger purchases to make it easier to handle. There is also no pre-set spending limit so you can use as much or as little credit as you choose.

A year-end summary that is offered to Chase Sapphire cardholders allows you an easy way to review your spending habits in detail. You also have the choice of the best payment due date for you and can easily set up automatic payments so you don’t have to worry about timeliness. Another bonus is that you can easily add other cards to your account free of charge.

The Chase Sapphire card also offers an array of great travel benefits from roadside assistance to various forms of travel insurance and car rental collision damage coverage. Even inconveniences like delayed trips and lost or delayed luggage are covered by the card. Standard benefits that many credit cards offer like travel and emergency services are also included, as well as fraud protection and zero liability.

The Rewards Program Offered by the Chase Sapphire Credit Card

The Ultimate Rewards plan with the Chase Sapphire credit card is one of the better rewards credit cards on the market. It gives you the flexibility to use the rewards for travel purchases, merchandise and gift cards. You can even opt for cash back if you’d prefer. The reward points that you accumulate on the Chase Sapphire card never expire and you earn rewards for every purchase. There is no limit on how many points you can earn. There is also an incentive bonus of 10,000 points following your first purchase using your credit card.

The Chase Sapphire credit card is a travel credit card as well that offers excellent travel rewards, which you can use on any airline with no blackout dates, as well as for booking hotels, renting cars, making dinner reservations or booking getaways. There are even exclusive special experiences that you can access though the Ultimate Rewards program. You can also earn double rewards when you use your this option to pay for airline flights.

The Downside of the Chase Sapphire Credit Card

One of the common downsides attached to cards with great benefits, like the Chase Sapphire credit card, is the fact that it is rather difficult to be approved for them. The issuer takes few risks with its choice of cardholders, approving only those having excellent credit. If you have made even a few rather minor mistakes with your credit you will be out of luck. If you have big things on your credit report like bankruptcy or foreclosure, don’t even bother to apply.

The interest rate on balance transfers is the same as that of purchases, so don’t use this credit card if you are trying to save money as you pay off existing credit cards. There are many cards which offer excellent introductory terms on balance transfers; however, the Chase Sapphire credit card is not one of them.

Another of the disadvantages of the Chase Sapphire credit card is that it does not offer some of the perks that other credit cards offer. You cannot transfer your reward points dollar for dollar to other travel reward programs. There is no option in the plan that allows you to increase the value of your reward points.

The long list of advantages for card holders is what sets the Chase Sapphire credit card apart from many other credit cards. If you are ready to find out more about the credit cards you qualify for and the ones that meet your needs, whether it includes the Chase Sapphire card or not, put the credit card chaser to work for you. It will chase down all your credit card options in no time flat and present them in an easy to compare format, and you can use it right now! Apply for the Chase Sapphire Credit Card above or click here to start comparing credit cards!

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