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Childrens Wish Foundation Visa CardRead through this review of the Children’s Wish Foundation credit card offer to decide if this is the best charity credit card for you.

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s impossible to function in today’s society without spending money. As crime has increased, people have moved away from carrying cash in their pockets and instead opted for carrying credit cards and debit cards that can be easily canceled if lost or stolen.

Although you might view credit cards like cash back credit cards as just another way to save money, they can also be a useful tool for supporting worthwhile organizations and non-profits doing important work in your community. In late 2005, the Children’s Wish Foundation partnered with U.S. Bank to offer the Children’s Wish Foundation International Visa credit card.

Children’s Wish Foundation Credit Card Options

Because U.S. Bank realizes that choosing the right credit card is so important for managing your finances and making a positive impact on your overall credit rating, they worked with the Children’s Wish Foundation to create not one, but three different credit card options that can be used support seriously ill children around the world as well as earn rewards that consumers can use for money-saving rewards. Card options include:

  • Select Rewards Visa Platinum Card
  • Cash Rewards Visa Platinum Card
  • Visa Platinum Card

Understanding The Benefits of the Children’s Wish Foundation Credit Card

Many people choose the card that is best for them based on their credit rating, and the type of rewards that the card will provide them with in exchange for their purchases and payments. Here are the different benefits you can get by applying for a Children’s Wish Foundation Credit Card.

  1. Select Rewards Visa Platinum Card: 1,000 Bonus Points with first purchase, earn 1 point for every $1 spent, redeem points for merchandise and travel and cash back options
  2. Cash Rewards Visa Platinum Card: $10 statement credit with first purchase, 1% cash back on purchases, no annual fee
  3. Visa Platinum Card: no annual fee, credit limit up to $25,000.00, 100% fraud protection

How Does Using The Children’s Wish Foundation Credit Card Benefit the Foundation?

If you’re considering an application for one of the above mentioned credit cards, it’s likely that you’re concerned with supporting a very worthwhile organization. Therefore, it’s important to understand exactly how your purchases will impact The Children’s Wish Foundation. The card generates funds for the foundation:

  • Each time a new card is activated
  • Every time the card is used

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