Choice Privileges Visa Credit Card by Barclays Bank Delaware

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Choice Privileges Visa Credit Card by Barclays Bank DelawareConsumers that are approved or the Choice Privileges Visa Credit Card by Barclays Bank Delaware also receive the benefit of getting thousands of bonus points. The Choice Privileges Visa by Barclays Bank of Delaware is a line of travel credit cards aimed at customers that like to book their hotel rooms in advance. Although the Choice Privileges Visa from Barclays Bank Delaware can also be used to make everyday purchases, cardholders receive the maximum amount of bonus points when they use their credit cards for travel purposes.

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Barclays Bank Delaware is a branch of the Barclays Corporation. Issuing many different branded personal credit cards, Barclays Bank Delaware has been in business since 2003. Choice Privileges Visa Credit Card by Barclays Bank Delaware account holders pay an interest rate that varies according to their creditworthiness. You can visit the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies to find information on managing credit cards and minimizing your debts.

Choice Privileges Visa Benefits

The Choice Privileges Visa By Barclays Bank Delaware credit card has a close affiliation with dozens of chains of popular hotels. Cardholders earn bonus points at a 2:1 no matter where they use their cards; however, they can get as many at 15 points for every dollar that they spend at participating hotels.

Because the Choice Privileges credit card is backed by Visa, account holders get to use their personal credit cards at any store that accepts Visa. This means that hotels can be booked over the phone and credit card purchases can be made online as an added convenience.

Choice Privileges Visa Interest Rates

Cash advances obtained with the Choice Privileges Visa credit card are calculated at 21.99% interest. The standard APR for this credit card varies between 13.24% to 16.24% interest. Cardholders can be subject to the 30.24% penalty interest rate if determined to be a significant credit risk by Barclays Bank Delaware.

The Choice Privileges Visa by Barclays Bank Delaware does have a 0% introductory interest rate that lasts for an initial six months. Residents of every state besides Iowa are subject to a $2 minimum monthly interest fee.

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