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Citgo MasterCardThere are 4 different Citgo credit cards that are all quite naturally gas credit cards that are designed for various market segments. Read through this review of the Citgo credit card offers to decide if this is the best credit card for you to apply for.

If you work, play, or socialize somewhere in the United States, there’s a good chance that you own or lease a car that helps you get where you need to go for all of these activities. If you’re a car owner, you’ve seen the price of gas and oil climb higher and higher in relation to worldwide demand and political issues.

If you depend on your car to get you to work and social activities on time, it’s important to find new ways that you can reduce the cost of filling up your car. As an incentive to remain loyal to their brand of gasoline, Citgo has created the Citgo Credit Card to provide rewards for purchase of fuel and other merchandise.

Types of Citgo Credit Cards

Many financial institutions and companies understand that it’s hard to create a single credit card that offers the right terms, conditions, rates, and rewards for every different consumer. To better meet the needs of their customers, Citgo offers at least five different types of cards, including:

  1. Citgo Plus
  2. Citi Platinum Select CITGO MasterCard
  4. CITGO Business

Understanding Benefits of Various Citgo Credit Cards

Not only will the Citgo Credit Card provide you with a safe and convenient way for your fuel purchases, you’ll also be able to earn money saving rewards to reduce your fuel costs and help you manage your traveling expenses. Here are the benefit highlights of the various Citgo cards:

  • Citgo Plus = freedom to pay your balance in full or make easy monthly payments
  • Citi Platinum Select® CITGO MasterCard = earn rebates of 4% on qualifying purchases of goods and/or services made at CITGO locations, and up to 1% on other qualifying purchases of goods and/or services
  • CITGO CELEBRITY = earn a 5% rebate on domestic airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals; credit card protection, $100,000 flight insurance
  • CITGO Business = especially designed for small- to mid-sized fleets; ability to enact immediate card and driver restrictions online, 5-cents-per-gallon rebate on all fuel purchases made in first 90 days

Which Citgo Credit Card to Choose?

The decision as to which Citgo credit card is best will depend upon your own personal situation but be sure to compare all different types of rewards credit cards and all other credit cards to find the card that is best for you!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Citgo MasterCard Credit Card”

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    I’ve had this card for many years and used it periodically either for vacations or to give to family who may be traveling.
    During the great credit crisis of 2009, they jacked my interest rate from 14% to almost 26% with no explanation. I have great credit, and never miss a payment.
    With this kind of interest rate, I stopped using the card as there is no way I would pay this kind of interest should I get in a position where I couldn’t pay off the balance.
    I then found out that my credit line went for about $2000 to $300, again with no warning or notice. I called the company and they said it was because of “lack of use.” I asked them to restore my old credit limit as this would affect my CS in a negative way, they said it would take a hard pull on my credit report, again, negatively affecting my credit.

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