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Citi Bank offers the Citi Dividend World MasterCard, which is popular for its cash back bonuses. This card is also popular card among travelers and everyday shoppers. You can apply for Citi Dividend World MasterCard credit card online.

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You can get instant approval credit cards by simply filling out an online Citi Dividend World Mastercard application and submitting it. An online comparison will give you an idea what different credit cards offer as incentives.

In this case, Citi Dividend World MasterCard offers the cash back options that start at $100.

This MasterCard is currently offering a $300 cash back bonus if you spend $5,000 over a period of 3 months directly after your account is opened through September. You also get 1% in the form of a rebate for purchases. Certain purchase qualifies you for a 5% rebate.

Citi Dividend World MasterCard Facts

This credit card starts out with a 0% introductory interest rate for a little over a year before the rate changes. Depending on your credit, you may receive a rate between 12.99% to 22.99%. Late fee is a comparable $35, but this bank only gives you 23 days after the billing cycle ends before adding interest.

Citi Dividend World MasterCard offers many benefits to cardholders.

The rewards system pays you back 1% from all your purchases. What sets this card apart is the additional cash back opportunities. Each quarter certain categories of purchases will garner a 5% cash back return. When you shop at the Citi Bonus Cash Center, purchases from these online merchants net 5% back year-round.

Spend just $750 on the Citi Dividend World MasterCard during the first six months, and you’ll earn $150 cash back. When combined with the introductory APR, this is a great initial benefit.

The Citi Dividend World MasterCard comes with many of the included benefits you’d expect from a good rewards credit card, like travel accident insurance and rental car loss & damage insurance when you book and pay for travel with the Citi Dividend World MasterCard. Extend manufacturer’s warranties and protect your purchases for up to 90 days with the card that guarantees no liability for fraudulent charges.

Citi Dividend World MasterCard APR Hikes

When you are consistently late with your payments, Citi Bank may raise you interest rate to 29% until they decide your creditworthiness improves. Sometimes this increase my result after a decline in your credit score. You can always call Citi Bank, discuss your concerns, and ask them to give you a goal for which you can strive and expect a decrease.

Citi Dividend World MasterCard Rewards Program

There is a maximum of $300 cash back that you can receive in one year, and you have to make a purchase within that calendar year to avoid expiration of your dividend cash back dollars. If you are in jeopardy of losing your cash back rewards credit cards points, you can contact the bank and they will assist you in redeeming them. You can earn your rewards through over 400 storefronts and online merchants.

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