Citi Driver’s Edge Options MasterCard

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If you’re having trouble saving up money for a new vehicle, you’ll be happy to learn that the Citi Driver’s Edge Credit Card can help you earn rebates for the purchases you already make in your everyday life, and put them toward the purchase price or lease cost of a new vehicle. Not only will this help you to save money faster, it will be an effortless way to achieve your dream of a new vehicle.

In today’s tough economic times, it can be difficult to justify the money it takes to purchase or lease a new car, but many people would not be able to perform their work and personal responsibilities without one.

Read through this Citi Driver’s Edge Options Credit Card review and then be sure to use our free tool for doing an online credit card comparison today!

Earning Rewards with the Citi Driver’s Edge Credit Card

Many credit card companies seek to attract new customers by offering reward or rebate programs that sound too good to be true, and often are. It’s important to understand the reward formula for gas credit cards, reward credit cards, and really any card before opening an account so that you’re prepared to manage your expenses more responsibly.

The Citi Driver’s Edge Credit Card allows cardholders to earn the following rewards:

  • 6% rebate (called options reward dollars) for purchases at standalone grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies.
  • 3% rebates for purchases at standalone grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies after the first year.
  • 1% rebate on all other purchases

Citi Driver’s Edge Credit Card Reward Limitations

There are some limitations on the rewards you can earn with the Citi Driver’s Edge Credit Card and it’s important to know when and if these limits will kick in so you’re not spending money for no reason. Citi Driver’s Edge cardholders can earn up to $1,000 in rebates in one year, and these rebates are good for 5 years. Money (between $25 and $5,000) earned in rebates can be redeemed for:

  • Purchase or lease of a new or used, domestic or foreign vehicle
  • Vehicle service and repairs

Fees And Interest Rates for Citi Driver’s Edge Cardholders

Many people are so enamored with the thought of earning thousands of dollars in rewards; they forget to study the fees and interest rates that are associated with a particular card before opening an account. In the event that you can’t pay off the balance at the end of a month, you need to be prepared for the additional charges that will accumulate. Rates for the Citi Driver’s Edge card are as follows:

  1. $0 annual fee
  2. Purchase APR is prime rate plus 5.99%
  3. 0% APR on balance transfer for 12 months from the date of transfer

Citi Driver’s Edge Online Application

Before submitting a Citibank Driver’s Edge Options Credit Card application be sure to shop around and compare many different credit cards with our free online credit card comparison tool!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Citi Driver’s Edge Options MasterCard”

  1. bill delor says:
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    -I had this card, a credit score of 790 but still got increased to 16.99% even though I was never late paying them. Always making sure I paid much more thaan the minimum but when the 16.99% showed up I thought 8.99 to 16.99? Then another rewards card I had for 10 years went from 6.99 to 11.99 even though 10 years I paid ontime always 50% or the total owed each month, so I question why. I would call cust service without getting any REAL REASON for the penalty of % increase.

    Why are these cards allowed to get away with this ? As well as outrageous penalty fees. I may just look for the best non reward card with a low rate, those with excellant credit can get as low as 6.99 with simmons/ fixed/capital one/ etc,check out the sites for lowest apr for those with b+-/ a rated credit,save your money, don’t use outrageous % cards if you can do better, even if it is $10 a month, would you take a $10 bill and throw it away or run it through a shredder ?

    Also take that saved % and put it away on safe online banks ally- 1.99% cd,no minimun/ ing-savings 1.10%. I’m considering buying a sall amount of afffordable steady preformer stock like jc penny/ costo/ See what I can turn $100-200 iinto over time.TIP- do not use brokers-they get paid whether your stock goes up or DOWN.,read, do homework from several sites.

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