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The Citi Forward Card is a student credit card of sorts that is designed to rewards responsible credit management. Read through this review of the Citi Forward credit card offer to decide if this is the right credit card for you.

Being a young adult brings with it a lot of uncharted territory in all spheres of life, including academic, social, and financial. While the 18 – 25 crowd knows that they need to start building credit if they want to be able to qualify for home and auto loans, apartment leases and even jobs in the future, they are often uncertain how to go about establishing themselves in a financially responsibly fashion.

Many young adults get credit cards that aren’t suited to their lifestyle or salary, and they usually get into trouble when interest rates skyrocket after intro periods are over. To address this issue, Citi has released the Forward Credit Card, a line of credit specifically designed to encourage young people to pay their bill on time and in full.

Sign On Bonus and Rewards for Citi Forward Credit Cardholders

To attract young consumers to their card, the Citi Forward creators have established an attractive rewards program complete with sign on bonus. While these offers might seem like the perfect way to start establishing one’s credit, young cardholders must be certain they understand the terms fully before signing on.

The rewards formula for the Citi Forward Credit Card is as follows:

  • 5 ThankYou points earned for every dollar spent for dining out and entertainment
  • 1 ThankYou point earned for other purchases
  • 8,500 ThankYou Points earned after purchasing $250 worth of merchandise (within the first 3 months)

Limitations on Citi Forward Credit Card Rewards

  • All ThankYou Points expire 5 years from the end of the month earned
  • Cardholders must sign up for paperless statements within 3 months of account opening in order to earn 8,5000 incentive points
  • Cardholders can only earn 75,000 ThankYou Points in any calendar year

Citi Forward Credit Card Responsible Consumer Incentives

One of the biggest marketing claims for the Citi Forward Credit Card is that it will help young consumers develop a better understanding of how credit works and how to manage their finances responsibly. To that end, Citi offers a 2% purchase APR reduction when cardholders:

  1. Make a purchase
  2. Stay under the credit line
  3. Pay on time

The catch is that this behavior must be repeated for 3 billing periods in a row before the incentive will kick in. Another benefit of the Forward card is that there is no annual fee.

Citi Forward Online Application

Before submitting a Citi Forward credit card application be sure and compare credit cards from many different companies and issuers to find the best credit card.

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