Review of Visa Signature Citi Gold AAdvantage Card

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The Citi Gold AAdvantage Visa Signature card is a travel credit card, which works in conjunction with American Airlines. Cardholders earn points from purchases and can use those points to get airfare on American Airlines. Learn more about the AAdvantage Visa Gold review now.

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Citi Gold AAdvantage Visa Signature Rewards

For those cardholders who don’t qualify for the Citi Executive Advantage World Elite MasterCard, the Citi Gold AAdvantage Visa Signature card offers many of the same rewards. For instance, you’ll accrue a mileage point for each purchase dollar on the card. You can then redeem these points towards airfare on American Airlines, American Eagle, and American Connection.

The initial reward on this credit card is pretty impressive. Spend just $750 on anything you want in the first four months you have the account, and you’ll receive 30,000 bonus points from American Airlines. This is enough points for one ticket to almost any domestic destination. Book your first flight with American Airlines during the first year, and you’ll earn a $50 statement credit.

This generous first year bonus caused Forbes Magazine to take notice. It called the Citi Gold AAdvantage Visa Signature one of the best travel credit cards of the year.

The points you earn never expire, so you can save up for that dream trip. Also, keep an eye on the Reduced Mileage Award program. The program offers tickets to new destinations every quarter for a reduced mileage amount. By redeeming your miles for one of these tickets, you’ll need 7,500 fewer miles than usual.

Citi Gold AAdvantage Visa Signature Service

With the  AAdvantage Gold Visa card review, not only are you protected with the zero liability promise, but also your picture and signature are printed on the front of the card. So even if your card is stolen, it will be harder for thieves to take advantage of your credit card.

As with most travel credit cards, this one has many travel related perks, like travel insurance, rental car insurance, and lost luggage replacement. You’ll also be eligible for special discounted rates from Hertz.

The card has a modest $50 annual fee, which is waived the first year. The variable APR is 15.24%.

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