Citi Platinum Select Card for College Students

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Read through this Citi Platinum Select Visa Student credit card review to decide if this is the best card for your college years. College students have a reputation of being starving and stressed all the time. This image of the college student probably comes from the fact that living in a dorm room and the lack of a job can leave one looking a little scruffy and underfed.

Young adults are always looking for a way to stretch their dollar and establish a strong credit history at the same time, which is why do many find the Citi Platinum Select College Student Credit Card so appropriate for their lifestyle.

If you’re working on an undergraduate degree, and looking for a way to practice financial responsibility, this might be the student credit card you’re looking for.

Benefits of the Citi Platinum Select College Student Credit Card

Although you must have a credit card at some point in your life if you’re going to build a strong credit rating, it’s often hard for college students with no active credit rating to qualify for a card with attractive rates and rewards. The Citi Platinum Select College Student Credit Card changes that by offering:

  • Approval with no co-signer (potentially changed because of the Credit Card Act of 2009)
  • Tips and tools for using credit wisely
  • No fee discounts on travel, entertainment, and merchandise
  • Ability to earn Extra Cash rebates up to 10% of total purchases
  • Online account management and bill pay

Fees and Rates Associated w/ the Citi Platinum Select College Student Credit Card

In the event that a work study position or part-time server job fails to come through in the middle of the semester, some college students might find it hard to pay off their balance in full. With the Citi Platinum Select card, however, the penalty for allowing a balance to roll over will be far less severe than with some other cards. Fees and rates associated with this card include:

  • 0% APR on purchases for 7 months (based on application and credit history)
  • APR as low as 11.99% on purchases made after the 7 month period (based on application and credit history)
  • No ability to transfer balances from another card

Additional Perks For Using the Citi Platinum Select College Student Card

In addition to building your credit history and the flexibility to pay over time if you have to, the Citi Platinum card also offers:

  1. $0 Liability on Unauthorized Charges: If your card is lost, stolen and used by a stranger, you won’t be held responsible for the unauthorized charges
  2. Retail Purchase Protection: Most merchandise purchased with the card will be eligible for protection against accidental damage or theft for 90 days
  3. Travel and Emergency Assistance: Help with medical and legal referrals, lost luggage assistance, emergency transportation, and translation services in the U.S. and abroad

Finding the Best Student Credit Card

In addition to this Citi Platinum student credit card offer there are many other student credit cards to compare. Use our free credit card finder to start comparing credit cards now!

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