Citi Tire Kingdom Credit Card

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Citi Tire Kingdom Credit CardThis review is for the Citi Tire Kingdom Credit Card. Although the card is offered through Citi Credit Cards, the actual name for the card is the Tire Kingdom Credit Card and does not have the word “Citi” in the name. It is one of four different tire cards available including:

  • Merchant’s Tire Credit Card
  • NTB Credit Card
  • Big O Tires Credit Card

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Citi Tire Kingdom Credit Card Details

The Citi Tire Kingdom Credit Card offers no annual fee but does have a fairly high annual percentage rate of 28.99% on all purchases. However, at the time of this review, Tire Kingdom Credit Card is offering a special promotion when you use the card.

For all purchases of $750 or more with the card, there is no interest charged if the card is paid off within 12 months. For purchases between $250 and $749, there is no interest charge assessed if the card is paid off within six months.

If the balance is not paid off within those periods, or if you missed a regularly scheduled payment, you will be charged interest starting at the original purchase date.

Read real reviews about credit cards from actual customers by visiting JD Power and Associates’ website The fees associates with the Citi Tire Kingdom Credit Card include late fees and non-sufficient funds fees of up to $35 each.

Although the Tire Kingdom Cards cannot be used at an ATM for a cash advance, you can request a cash convenience check from Citi. These can be cashed and used for any purpose, and carry an annual percentage rate of 29.99%.

Citi Tire Kingdom Credit Card Benefits

One of the main benefits of using the Citi Tire Kingdom Credit Card includes a rebate by mail after certain qualifying purchases.

If you make a pre-tax purchase with the card of $500 or more, you can earn a $50 prepaid card, and if the purchase is between $250 and $499, you will receive a $25 prepaid card.

Tire Kingdom also offers complete online credit card management, including the ability to pay your card online and pull up previous statements.

Citi Tire Kingdom Credit Card Bottom Line

Often times, specific store cards can be expensive to carry and have fairly high annual percentage rate. In general, if you can use a regular credit card you will save money on the long run over specific store cards.

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