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This review is for the CitiBusiness® World MasterCard®. A card specifically designed for the worldwide business traveler, this card offers many benefits to save money, earn points, and stay protected from fraud.

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CitiBusiness® World MasterCard® Details

The CitiBusiness® World MasterCard® does not charge an annual fee, and offers an introductory annual percentage rate of zero percent on all purchases for the first six months after the card is opened. Once the six months is complete, the annual percentage rate increases to a variable rate 13.24%.

The cash advance APR is set as a minimum of 21.99%, and the penalty rate can be as high as 29.99%. The grace period for the card is 20 days, giving you that amount of time to pay off your balance in full each month to avoid any interest charges. The late fee for missing a payment ranges from $15 to $39 depending on your overall balance.

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You can have additional cards for employees and none of those will have any annual fees either.

CitiBusiness® World MasterCard® Benefits

The CitiBusiness® World MasterCard® offers a generous rewards program where you can earn 10,000 reward points after your initial $300 of purchases with the card within the first 90 days. The points can be redeemed for many different items, including gift cards.

For each dollar you spend at office supply stores or on approved business services, you can earn an additional three points. All other purchases earn one point for every dollar.

You are also covered all over the world with the CitiBusiness® World MasterCard®. This added protection gives you:

  • No set limit on spending
  • Car rental insurance
  • An extended warranty on major purchases
  • Protection on purchases made at retail stores
  • Accident insurance while you travel
  • Emergency assistance when you are away from home

CitiBusiness® World MasterCard® Bottom Line

If you are a looking for an outstanding rewards program along with complete coverage all over the world, the CitiBusiness® World MasterCard® is an excellent choice for business travelers who conduct work all over the world.

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