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The CitiBusiness Card is a strong choice for any business owner looking for a business credit card. Read through this review of the CitiBusiness credit card offer and then be sure to compare many different credit card offers with out free “Chaser” tool.

Are you thinking of starting a small business, or are you the owner of a small business looking for an appropriate line of credit to help you cover day to day operating costs? Many states require small business owners to establish a line of credit as a way to qualify for LLC or corporation status.

Choosing a credit card for your business is no easy task, and it’s important that you treat the application just as seriously as you would a personal credit card. For those looking for a card that is simply to use and won’t gouge them with high interest rates, the CitiBusiness Credit Card is worth checking out.

CitiBusiness Credit Card Fees and Rates

Although many personal credit cards these days focus on the ability to earn travel rewards or cash rebates on purchases, small business owners should look for cards that offer attractive rates and the ability to access their account information quickly and easily. With the CitiBusiness credit card, business owners will enjoy:

  • No annual fee
  • 0% introductory APR for purchases for 12 months
  • 0% introductory APR for balance transfers within first 12 months
  • APR after introductory period is prime rate plus 2.99%

CitiBusiness Card Management Tools

  • Cardholders get access to business credit lines (depending on business type and credit history)
  • Online management including payments, viewing statements, tracking activity, credit line increase requests and adding employee card users

Benefits of the CitiBusiness Credit Card for Small Business Owners

Becoming a business owner is no small task, and there are probably many things you’d rather be thinking about instead of interest rates and credit reports, but both are essential to the health of your company. To make it easier to manage your day to day financial responsibilities, the CitiBusiness provides:

  1. Deals and discounts from various merchants that you’re likely to use in your business, like AETNA, Avis Rental Car, AT&T and DHL shipping
  2. Access to a personal business assistant available 24/7 online or by phone for questions and concerns about travel reservations, referrals for marketing and administrative queries
  3. Credit Bureau reporting to help build a business credit history, which increases your ability to get business financing without personal guarantees in the future

CitiBusiness Credit Card Online Applications

Before submitting a CitiBusiness credit card application online be sure to try out our free credit card finder tool to compare not just business credit cards but many different credit card offers!

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