Citizens Bank Green$ense Platinum Master Card

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Citizens Bank Green$ense Platinum Master CardThe Citizens Bank offers many credit cards including the GreenSense Platinum Master Card. This credit card is a cash rewards credit card that makes saving money a little easier. In an economic time where saving money is a priority for most cash rewards credit cards like this one are a great choice.

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How the GreenSense Platinum Master Card Works

With a money rewards credit card like this one the cardholder earns a certain amount of money with every purchase they make and that money is placed into a special savings account. With the GreenSense card the cardholder earns 30 cents with every purchase after their first ten purchases.

This card offers no annual percentage rate for balance transfers or any purchases for the first year and no annual fee. After the introductory annual percentage rate has expired, the cardholder will be charged 14.99%, 17.99%, or 19.99% with the final rate being determined by their credit score.

This credit card also gives the cardholder insurance for travel accidents and baggage delays, car rental insurance, and emergency travel assistance that covers the cost of towing, tire changes, jumpstarts, and gas.

The Other Citizens Bank Credit Cards

The Citizens Bank offers three other credit card options to their clients. These three credit cards are the Accelerator Rewards Credit Card, the Cash Back Credit Card, and the Platinum Credit Card.

With the Accelerator Rewards card, the cardholder earns 10% cash back on all gas purchases for the first three months of the account and 1% cash back on everything else. After the first three months is over, they will earn 2% cash back on all gas purchases. This is a great card choice for someone who drives a lot.

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