Clearview FCU Visa Platinum Credit Card

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Clearview FCU Visa Platinum Credit CardBanks generally allow anyone to open an account; however, credit unions usually have specific rules for membership. The Clearview Federal Credit Union is based in Pennsylvania and openly accepts members that have ties to the local community. The Clearview FCU Visa Platinum credit card comes with:

  • Standard online account access features
  • Has a varying APR
  • Complimentary life insurance program

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The National Credit Union Administration has several tools and resources for U.S. residents that are interested in reviewing credit unions in their communities. Although they are regulated in a similar manner, credit unions differ from banks in several ways. Moreover, consumers often find that it is easier to be approved for credit union-issued credit cards because of closer relationships they are able to develop with their chosen credit unions.

Clearview FCU Visa Platinum Fees and Interest Rates

The Clearview Federal Credit Union advertises the Clearview FCU Visa Platinum credit card to members who are seeking a large line of credit. While the interest rate on the Clearview FCU Visa Platinum credit card is determined solely based on the cardholder’s credit score and repayment history, the penalty fees are surprisingly high. Making a minimum payment, a single day after the due date can cause the account holder to be responsible for a $35 late payment fee.

These personal credit cards do not come with a yearly fee and there is no penalty interest rate imposed for continuous untimely payments. The interest charged on balance transfers and cash advances is a maximum of 3% on the total charges, however, the fee can be lower if a nominal amount of money is borrowed or moved from another credit card.

Clearview FCU Visa Platinum Benefits

Cardholders are able to use their Clearview FCU Visa Platinum credit cards to make cash withdrawals in the form of cash advances directly at ATM machines. Instead of waiting for checks to be issued by the Clearview Federal Credit Union, customers can use their Visa credit cards to borrow cash.

The Clearview FCU Visa Platinum card allows current credit union members in good standing to link their savings, checking and other loan accounts together. This makes repayment on all revolving accounts even easier.

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