Coastal FCU Infinity Visa Credit Card

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Coastal FCU Infinity Visa Credit CardCoastal FCU Infinity Visa cardholders get to pay a standard APR and enroll in the ScoreCards Rewards program. Cardholders pay the same rate on interest charges every month and they do not need to pay a yearly fee to keep their accounts open. Consumers can get a better understanding of how credit card companies can change and introduce new fees at the website.

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These personal credit cards don’t offer access to exclusive events or many other perks, however, cardholders get to maintain their accounts with minimal effort. Credit union credit cards usually have fewer credit requirements because applicants need to be members. Even if you do not belong to the Coastal Community Federal Credit Union, you can automatically become a member if you agree to pay the $18 fee.

Coastal FCU Infinity Visa Rewards

The ScoreCards Rewards program from Coastal Community FCU has both customer service options as well as a complete list of all of the rewards available to members. You will need to use your Coastal FCU Infinity Visa on a regular basis to earn points. Points on the Coastal FCU Infinity Visa are earned at a one point to one dollar ratio.

Customers that use their Coastal FCU Infinity Visa credit cards for travel related purposes have an optional travel insurance policy that they can activate. Although the travel insurance policy is free for cardholders, standard restrictions and limitations are applicable.

Coastal FCU Infinity Visa Details

Balance transfers, regular purchases, and cash advances are all calculated at 11.99% interest on the Coastal FCU Infinity Visa. Using conveniences such as ATM machines to withdraw cash will resolve in additional fees. Cardholders may be charged $25 on top interest calculated on the remaining balance for payments not processed by the due date.

Coastal FCU Infinity Visa credit cardholders can pay down their entire balances without risking card closure or credit limit decreases. The 11.99% APR is guaranteed until Coastal Community Federal Credit Union changes interest rates for all credit cardholders.

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