CoastHills FCU Business Platinum Rewards Visa Card

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CoastHills FCU Business Platinum Rewards Visa CardIf you are a business owner and a member at the CoastHills Credit Union, then a credit card that you might want to consider is the Business Platinum Rewards Visa card. This card, as the name suggests, is a rewards credit card. In addition, it is also a low interest credit card.

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This business credit card is directly tied into your personal credit. If you are a business looking to separate your personal credit from your business credit and you have established business credit with companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, then you don’t want this card. You will want a business card that is based upon your business credit.

CoastHills FCU Business Platinum Rewards Visa Card Overview

This is a rewards credit card that allows you to earn one point for every one dollar that you spend. Reward points can be redeemed for gift certificates, air travel, and merchandise. There doesn’t appear to be any cap on the points you can earn or an expiration date for the points.

As mentioned above, this credit card is for CoastHills FCU members only. For the business credit card, you will have to have a business checking or savings account with CoastHills.

Outside of the fact that you can manage your credit card online, there really isn’t anything special about this card. You cannot limit employee cards by amount or by type of purchases, so this may not be the best card for a business with multiple employees that need credit cards.

CoastHills FCU Business Platinum Rewards Visa Card Terms

CoastHills does not provide the terms for this card online. What they do is allow you to send an inquiry email to the bank and they will then contact you with the terms and other information that you will need to know about this card.

One thing they do provide is the APR, which is 9.75% variable. This is a nice lower interest rate, which is especially good for a rewards credit card.

CoastHills FCU Business Platinum Rewards Visa Card Verdict

It is difficult to determine whether this is a great card because the bank doesn’t provide a lot of public information. This probably isn’t the best credit card option for a larger business because of its ties to your personal credit and the lack of options for employee credit cards.

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