Coldwater Creek Credit Card

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Coldwater Creek Credit CardColdwater Creek is retailers of women’s apparel. The Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa credit card is a branded credit card that can be used at any store that accepts Visa. When cardholders use their Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa cards to buy clothing and accessories from the Coldwater Creek catalog, or at a store, they can get various rewards.

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Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa credit cards are considered to be both rewards and instant approval credit cards. Chase is the credit card issuer for Coldwater Creek. Coldwater Creek maintains an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has not had any complaints issued in the last 36 months.

Coldwater Creek Credit Card Details

Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa cardholders get all of the same protections as other Visa branded account holders. For a department store credit, Coldwater Creek credit cards have a low variable APR. Chase Bank supports both an online as well as a phone supported application process for all consumers that want to qualify for a line of credit with Coldwater Creek. Chase does not charge a yearly maintenance fee for the Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa credit card.

At the time of application, customers can opt to have the balances from their high interest credit cards moved over to the Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa card. If approved, the total amount of credit card debt transferred over will be deducted from your available Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa line of credit. There is no introductory interest rate, and all balance transfers are subject to a 3% service fee.

Coldwater Creek Credit Card Benefits

Consumers that shop at Coldwater Creek frequently will get the benefit of earning five points for every dollar charged to their Coldwater Creek Visa credit cards. These rewards credit cards have an interest rate that is set at either 19.24% or 15.24%, depending on your credit history.

Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa credit card customers can apply for a credit line increase at anytime. If approved, they will be able to make more charges with their accounts. Rewards points can be used to buy Coldwater Creek gift cards or get further discounts from their favorite retailers.

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One Cardholder Review for the “Coldwater Creek Credit Card”

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    The rewards cards one receives when reaching 2000 points (a $20 coupon) sounds great until one gets ready to use them. I had received 4 cards which added to $80 and went to the Coldwater Creek store in Trinity Commons, Fort Worth,Tx. They were having a 50% off sale, storewide. The clerk took my $80 coupons off the regular price and then took 50% off that, effectively making my $80 worth only $40. This is fraud, and I intend to make a complaint to Consumer Affairs. There is no disclaimer that I am aware of that says you cannot use your reward cards on sale merchandise!! My coupons were used on the regular price, not the sale price. Rip-off and dishonest!! I have been a good customer of Coldwater Creek in the past!

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