CorTrust Bank Credit Card

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CorTrust Bank Credit Card

CorTrust Bank offers credit cards to residents in various communities of South Dakota and Minnesota. All credit cards are issued out of their headquarters in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Although there are no special credit cards for mature people age 40 or higher, there are distinct advantages to joining the CorClub. CorTrust Bank gives CorClub members special benefits, including a Reward Credit Card that can be used to get discounts at different local merchants.

The CorPlatinum Visa credit card is issued by CorTrust Bank for personal consumer use while the CorTrust Visa Business is offered to businesses. Each card comes with its own perks which will be reviewed below.

Communities Where CorTrust Bank Credit Cards are Available

In South Dakota, residents in communities in:

  • Mitchell
  • Sioux Falls
  • Yankton

…are able to apply for a CorTrust Bank credit card. There are 24 locations servicing the South Dakota area. Currently, the only location servicing Minnesota is Woodbury. Compare credit card offers now!

The CorTrust Bank CorPlatinum Visa Credit Card

If you are looking for a Visa rewards card that comes with various travel benefits, then the CorPlatinum credit card from CorTrust Bank may be the card you want. With it, you can earn points on every qualifying purchase that can be redeemed for merchandise or travel awards.

In addition to travel rewards, other travel benefits include travel accident insurance, 24 hour travel reservations, travel dividends, and travel discounts. Other than travel benefits, cardholders can also enjoy discounts on eyewear.

The CorPlatinum credit card comes with free financial management tools to let you view your activities, pay your bill, and track your spending conveniently from your home computer.

The CorTrust Visa Business Credit Card

Business owners may appreciate the CorTrust Visa business credit card offered by CorTrust Bank. It offers free expense and budget tracking tools online and allows you to have multiple cards all related to the same account to help control employee expenses and reimbursement.

With the CorTrust Visa credit card, cardholders automatically receive worldwide travel accident insurance. In order to qualify for the $150,000 insurance policy, simply charge your travel related fares to your CorTrust Bank business card.

Whether you need a personal card or a business card, you can compare the CorTrust Bank credit cards to others to see which ones offer the benefits you want. Use the free tool on this page to compare the different credit cards now!

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