Crate and Barrel Credit Card

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Crate and Barrel Credit CardCrate and Barrel is a furniture store that has many locations in the US. Crate and Barrel also has an online store. The Crate and Barrel credit card comes from World Financial Network Bank, which also handles many other department store credit cards. While you will not earn any rewards points or earn any cash back with your Crate and Barrel credit card, it can help you to save money on major furniture purchases.

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Financial expert Suze Orman says that consumers need a mix of credit accounts, such as installment loans and open accounts, but she advises against opening department store cards. Because they usually have high interest rates, cardholders can quickly find that they are unable to manage their debts. However, Crate and Barrel is a very popular retailer of fine furnishings at fair prices. These personal credit cards can be paid off within six months in order to avoid being charged any interest.

Crate and Barrel Credit Card Terms

The online application for the Crate and Barrel credit card is simple to fill out. Crate and Barrel does not offer instant approval credit cards. Regardless to whether your application is approved or not, you will receive notice from Crate and Barrel and World Financial Network Bank within 7 to 10 business days of submitting an application.

If you are approved, you will receive a Crate and Barrel store credit card as long with credit card agreement information at your home address. Consumers that have their applications denied will be able to get detailed information on what factors caused their applications to be rejected.

Crate and Barrel Credit Card Fees

As soon as your Crate and Barrel credit card is received, it can be activated over the phone or in a store. For the first six months, you will not be charged any interest; however, you will be responsible for paying a small fee that amounts to approximately $5.

If you fail to make any of your monthly payments due to Crate and Barrel on time during the introductory interest rate promotional period, you will automatically be charged 22.8%. The default APR may be higher.

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