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How does one compare credit card companies or decide on the best bank for credit cards? Well, credit cards have become big business and in this day and age most any financial institution of a large size is offering credit cards for individuals, small businesses, and corporations.

If you are looking for a credit card, a little research into those that provide the credit cards may be necessary.

Read through the below overview of some of the best credit card issuers, read the credit card company reviews, and then use our free credit card finder on our home page to find and compare the best credit cards from many different banks.

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Advanta Credit Cards 

Advanta focuses on small businesses. They offer added value features to aid small businesses in managing their daily activities toward future growth. The small business credit card from Advanta offers a 0 percent APR on balance transfers for the first 15 months and then 7.99 percent afterward.

There is no annual fee for the card. Cash back is awarded at 5 percent for normal business expenses such as gasoline, computers and accessories, office supplies, cell phones and cell phone bills and utilities. All other purchases get you 1 percent cash back. You also have the option of receiving travel rewards instead of cash back.

The rewards program can be tailored to suit the needs of your small business. Applications are quick and easy and can be done online.

American Express Credit Cards 

American Express is one of the largest credit card companies in the world. They have a large offering of personal, small business and corporate credit cards with many added-value features.

American Express cards allow you to tailor your rewards program to suit your personal or business needs. While many of the American Express cards require an annual fee, they do offer some credit cards without annual fees.

You can get rewards points for things such as travel, entertainment expenses and various shopping outlets. Some American Express credit cards also offer cash back rewards.

Aspire Credit Cards 

Aspire credit cards are for those who are in the process of building or re-building their credit. They may have large annual fees and/or higher interest rates. Aspire credit cards were invented by CompuCredit Corporation for people who have a hard time getting credit from other credit card companies. The fees associated with Aspire are a $150 annual fee and a $6.50 monthly maintenance fee.

You will probably be paying an interest rate in the neighborhood of 20 percent compared to a much lower rate for other credit cards. However, if you have bad credit and are unable to get a credit card through other means, an Aspire credit card can help you out.

As long as you use the card responsibly by paying off your charges in a timely manner, it will help you to increase your credit score and enable you to move to a more prestigious credit card.

Bank of America Credit Cards

Bank of America is one of the largest credit card providers in the world. They offer over 400 credit card options for personal, small business and corporate lines of credit.

They offer credit cards for those with poor credit, fair credit, good credit and those with excellent credit. As with most credit card providers they offer competitive introductory interest rates as well as introductory rates on balance transfers.

They also offer rewards programs of the following types:

  • Airline Rewards
  • Cruise Line Rewards
  • Flexible Rewards
  • Shopping Rewards
  • Travel Rewards

As with many credit card providers, some of the cards offered will come with an annual fee, a balance transfer fee, or higher interest rates for those with lower credit scores.

Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One is another of the large credit card companies that offer a variety of cards for those in just about any credit situation. They also offer small business and personal credit cards. Here are a few of the cards and features offered by Capital One:

  • Cash Back Credit Cards: One percent cash back on all purchases.
  • Prepaid Credit Cards: If you have poor credit, or if you simply need a safer and more convenient means of carrying funds.
  • Travel Reward Credit Cards: If you do a good deal of traveling, you can rack up points and miles for traveling and hotel stays.
  • Young Adult Credit Cards: Cards for young adults who have not had the opportunity to build their credit

Along with these offerings, Capital One has begun a build-your-own credit card, which allows you to customize your credit card to suit your specific needs. You can customize every thing down to the image and appearance of the credit card itself.

Chase Credit Cards

Chase credit cards are managed by either Visa or MasterCard and are accepted worldwide. Online applications make the process of getting a Chase credit card quick and easy.

They also offer credit cards to those with the best credit scores as well as those with lower credit scores.

Their cards range from no annual fees and low interest rates to those with different reward systems and introductory offers for balance transfers.

Citibank Credit Cards

Citibank credit cards are offered as Visa or MasterCard, as well as cards offered through nationwide chain stores such as Home Depot, Macy’s, Sears and Staples to name a few. If you are a college student, Citibank has 7 different credit cards that are tailored to the college student.

Citibank also has credit cards that are suited for small businesses and professionals that need to have convenient funds available for travel and other expenses.

Cititbank also has plenty of credit card offerings for those with good credit who are looking for simplicity and low interest rates with no annual fees or sign up fees.

Discover Credit Cards

Discover credit cards took the initial lead on offering cash back and reward points for purchases and are still trying to improve this noted feature of their credit cards. Discover cards now offer up to 5 percent of purchases as cash back rewards.

One drawback of having a Discover card is there are still some establishments that do not accept Discover, which can cause occasional inconvenience. Discover does offer cards to small business owners with added cash back bonuses for purchases of office supplies and gas.

Another added feature for those with Discover credit cards is the Shop Discover online store. Purchases through this online store will get you anywhere from 5 to 20 percent cash back on purchases through this website.

Fidelity Credit Cards

Fidelity is known more for its investment management rather than its backing of credit cards. However, Fidelity does offer a Visa card and an American Express card to those who qualify.

You do not have to have a Fidelity investment account to apply and be accepted for a Fidelity credit card. The Fidelity Visa card allows you to gain points and have them deposited into your Fidelity investment account.

You may also have the points accumulated and redeemed for things such as airline tickets, restaurant gift certificates and merchandise to name only a few. The Fidelity Visa card has no annual fee.

The Fidelity American Express card is perfect for those who are intent on saving money for your child’s college education. The points are accumulated at a rate of 1.5 percent of purchases and are deposited into a 529 Fidelity College account. It is also a card with no annual fee and provides free fraud and theft protection.

First National Bank Of Omaha Credit Cards

First National Bank of Omaha offers Visa credit cards for personal use as well as commercial use. They have several offerings of commercial credit cards and allow you to tailor a card with benefits, features and reward programs to suit your business needs. The following are available as benefits of a First National Bank of Omaha credit card:

  • Auto Rental Insurance: Save by not having to pay for rental insurance from the rental car agency
  • Hotel Discount Program: Receive up to 60 percent off hotel stays from participating establishments
  • Lost Luggage Insurance: Up to $3,000 in insurance on lost luggage items if you use your card to purchase plane tickets
  • Management Reports: Itemizes employee business expenditures into convenient reports. Also, the reports itemize tax deductible expenses
  • Purchase Security: Protects purchases for 90 days from damage or theft
  • Travel Accident Insurance: Up to $100,000 in travel accident insurance if you use your card to pay travel expenses in full

First National Bank of Omaha also offers a full line of personal cards with tailor made cash back rewards and redeemable point’s rewards for those with good to excellent credit scores. They also have a student credit card for those in college.

First Premier Bank Credit Cards

First Premier Bank credit cards specialize in helping those with poor credit. They offer a competitive interest rate of 9.99 percent, though they do attach fees to the use of the card.

There is an annual fee of $29.00 in addition to a monthly maintenance fee of $7.00. Also, there is a one time set-up fee and a one time program fee. These fees are not normal for someone with good to excellent credit, but they may be worth it if you are trying to rebuild your credit score.

Most credit cards for those with poor credit do carry such fees, though many times you will be forced to deal with a higher interest rate than what is offered by First Premier Bank. The credit limit will be at least $250 initially, but that can rise once you have shown good faith and responsibility by making timely payments.

HSBC Credit Cards

HSBC offers Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. They have 6 different card offerings to suit most any consumer. All cards have either a rewards point system or cash back rewards.

Their EcoSmart MasterCard gives you the opportunity to donate your points to environmental charities or redeem them through environmentally friendly participating merchants. HSBC also has a Weekend Card that gives you a higher percentage of cash back when you use it on Saturdays and Sundays.

MasterCard Credit Cards

MasterCard manages a brand name of credit card that is used and backed by banks locally, nationwide and worldwide. The MasterCard symbol is well-known and the company has been servicing the credit card industry for over 40 years.

All types of credit cards are managed by MasterCard including personal, small business, corporate, as well as prepaid cards, debit and gift cards.

Specifics of credit card benefits and features are determined by the lending institutions that back the specific credit card. Though, MasterCard does make available a wide range of rewards and cash back options, as well as fraud and identity theft security. MasterCard also has extensive online availability to bill pay services, lost card services, tax preparation help for businesses as well as many other features.

Orchard Bank Credit Cards

Orchard Bank offers 3 different MasterCard credit cards. The cards are issued by HSBC Bank Nevada and serviced by HSBC. One of the 3 cards is a secured card and the other two are standard unsecured credit cards that offer differences in APR and annual fee.

Orchard Bank offers the benefit of allowing you to pick the due date that best suits you. The Orchard Bank Low APR cards are best suited for those who are trying to rebuild their credit.

There is an annual fee, but a low APR of 8.99 percent. There is a default APR of 29.49 percent that may kick in if you are late or miss payments. Online applications allow you to be approved for an Orchard Bank credit card in a matter of minutes.

Merrill Lynch Credit Cards

Merrill Lynch offers an array of credit cards with multiple benefits and can connect you to your Merrill Lynch investment account. The Merrill Lynch credit cards also have the added feature of facilitating paying your monthly bills through your Merrill Lynch credit card.

Some of the credit card offerings are simply debit cards from your Merrill Lynch account, though they do offer cards for those who are not account holders with Merrill Lynch.

The cards also offer reward benefits such as points, cash back and discounts at participating establishments. The Beyond Rewards program increases the rewards and benefits for those who reach specific spending limits on their Merrill Lynch credit card during a given year.

Pulaski Bank Credit Cards

Pulaski Bank prides itself on offering some of the lowest interest rates on credit cards in the nation. Pulaski Bank credit cards come with a 6.50 APR and a $35 annual fee. The interest rate also applies to cash advances and balance transfers after the initial 0 percent introductory rate expires.

There are also no balance transfer or cash advance fees. The Pulaski Bank credit card is a Visa Classic card. There are no rewards programs currently tied in with the Pulaski Bank credit card. Also, a default APR of 22.00 percent exists if you have issues with making timely payments on this card.

Simmons First National Credit Cards

Simmons First National credit cards are all managed by Visa. There are 5 cards offered by Simmons, each with different features to suit those with different situations. There is a student Visa Platinum with a low fixed APR of 7.25 percent.

There is a Platinum Travel Rewards card in which all purchases lead to points for airline tickets, hotel stays, cruise line tickets, car rentals and restaurants. All Simmons First National credit cards come with free travel insurance for any travel tickets purchased with a Simmons credit card.

Though these cards can be used by small businesses, Simmons First National credit cards are designed for the individual. The cards are simplistic without all of the complicated terms and conditions and it offers those with good credit some of the lowest interest rates in the nation.

U.S. Bank Credit Cards

U.S. Bank is the 6 th largest commercial bank in the United States and offers a wide range of credit cards managed by Visa. U.S. Bank has secured cards for those trying to re-establish their credit, cards for students, cards with travel rewards and cards with a choice of rewards from brand name merchandisers.

U.S. Bank credit cards are available for individuals as well as small businesses. Depending upon your credit rating, you may be approved for cards with low interest rates.

Also, many of the cards have 0 percent introductory APR’s for the first 6 months, as well as a 0 percent APR on balance transfers. The young adult and college student cards come with no annual fee as do many of the other cards offered by U.S. Bank.

Visa Credit Cards

Visa is the world’s largest retail electronic network. The Visa logo and brand name are among the most recognizable in the world. Visa cards are available in virtually any form to satisfy the needs of most consumers.

Visa cards are available for individuals, small businesses, corporations and governments. Visa credit cards are backed by some of the most trusted financial institutions across the globe.

Visa cards are available for those with almost any credit score and in the form of debit cards. Visa credit cards also come with the whole gamut of reward programs and cash back opportunities. Also, virtually any establishment that accepts credit cards accept Visa credit cards, as they the most widely accepted credit card in the world.

Washington Mutual Credit Cards

Washington Mutual, also known as WaMu, offers a personal Platinum MasterCard with no annual fee, competitive interest rates, and reward programs with participating vendors.

There is also a business Visa from Washington Mutual, which gives small business owners discounts on daily business expenditures, such as travel expenses and office supplies. The business Visa also provides an expenses tracking service available online in your Customized Spending Profile. The business card also allows you to have multiple cards for employees, each with their own unique credit limit.

Both the personal and the business Washington Mutual credit card offers free fraud liability protection for unauthorized purchases.

Wachovia Credit Cards

Wachovia is one of the leading banking institutions in the United States and backs a wide variety of credit cards and check cards. Business and individual credit cards are available and both offer reward points on qualifying purchases. The points can be redeemed from the Wachovia rewards catalog with items continually being added.

If you tie your Wachovia credit card into your bank account, more features become available to you. Wachovia credit cards carry the Visa card logo and are accepted worldwide.

Depending upon your credit history, you may qualify for low competitive interest rates. There is also fraud protection at no charge. Another feature of Wachovia credit cards is the yearly fee waiver. Each year, you may have one late fee and one over the limit fee waived. As with most credit cards, you can apply online and be approved for a Wachovia credit card in a matter of minutes.

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