If your credit card has ever been hacked then you can take solace in the fact that credit card hackers can face very stiff penalties and even long term jail sentences for their credit card hacking exploits.

The notorious credit card hacker Robert Gonzalez could face jail time of between 17 and 25 years for his credit card crimes that involved stealing credit card numbers and debit card numbers to the tune of 170 million total over the course of 3 years. Gonzalez would steal and then resell credit card numbers in conjunction with a group of Russian credit card hackers.

While Gonzalez holds the undisputed record as the best credit card hacker of all time as far as total number of credit card numbers stolen it seems that there are new reports almost every day of data breaches at large companies whose customer’s credit card information becomes compromised.

So what can you do to protect your credit card information?

Credit Card Fraud / Credit Card Hacking FAQ’s

Here are some common FAQ’s related to credit card fraud and credit card hacking:

If you are wondering what the range of sentencing for credit card hacking is then be sure and read “How long do you go to jail for credit card fraud?” and “What is the sentence for credit card fraud?” and “What are the penalties of credit card fraud?” to get a firm grasp of what the consequences for hacking credit card numbers can be.

If you are wondering what some quick tips are for preventing credit card hackers from getting your credit card information then read “How do I prevent credit card fraud?” and “What happens if my credit card is stolen?” and “My credit card has been lost or stolen what do I do?” so that you can take the proper credit card safeguards.

If you are wondering what some of the most common methods for stealing credit card numbers are then read “What is credit card skimming or cloning?” to get a better idea of how to watch out for common methods employed by credit card hackers.

How do YOU Prevent Your Credit Card Number from Being Hacked?

What methods do you use to safeguard your credit card information from credit card hackers?

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