Have you ever wondered if your debit or credit card receipt would compete with some of the largest spending splurges ever? Well, we did some number crunching and some intense research on the largest and most interesting receipts, and came up with some pretty hefty credit card receipts.

Take a look at these 20 enormous and interesting receipts. We hope this doesn’t make you justify excessive spending and rack up your credit card bill on your next purchase. Once you are done reading, try out our FREE credit card finder to find the perfect credit card for your needs!

1. The Largest ATM Receipt Ever

most expensive receipt

Receipt of: David Tepper

Amount: $99,864,731.94

Ok, we know this is a debit card but couldn’t leave an almost $100,000,000 receipt off the list. Coming in at #1 is the hedge fund master David Tepper. With that type of money in his checking account, he better be covering that keypad when he types in his pin. After all, he would not want someone to touch those millions. Wonder if he would even realize if a couple million was missing?

Speaking of credit/debit card safety. Take a look at this video of how easily one can steal your pin and eventually your millions (in David Tepper’s case).

Now that the credit/debit card protection course is over, let’s move on to some more crazy and larger receipts.

2. One Expensive Night Out by Drake

Expensive bar receipt

Receipt of: Drake

Amount: $189,375.98

ONE NIGHT! That is all this bill was for! Drake should consider using this money next time to take his sold out crowd out, and not just his entourage. At least his crowd could help fund these types of bills through buying cd’s and going to concerts!

3. The Most Expensive Lunch Receipt

Most expensive lunch

Receipt of: Roman Abramovich

Amount: $47,221.09

Do you remember when your mom used to give you $.25 for milk money? You thought you were living large. Just think of all the milk you could have bought with $47,221. You could have practically bought the whole dairy farm (a little exaggeration). Abramovich didn’t blink an eye whipping out his credit card for this expensive lunch receipt. We just would have love to see the waiter’s reaction when they saw a $7,000+ tip.

4. The Bruins Win Stanley Cup and Spend the Money!

Bost Bruin ReceiptReceipt of: Boston Bruins

Amount: $156,679.74

The Boston Bruins not only dominate the professional hockey world, but also make the list for one of the largest receipts! Management must not have been too excited to see their team spending all this money on one night, but sometimes you just have to celebrate a big win. After all, the Bruins are one of the most historic franchises, and have sold out enough games to cover this little (but really big) bill!

5. Lebron James Dominates Las Vegas for the Weekend!

lebron james billReceipt of: Lebron James

Amount: $171,937.53

The King struts his large contract in Las Vegas! This shows what you can do once you make it in the “Richest NBA Players” list. We just wonder what his bill will be like the night after he wins an NBA Championship.

6. Iron Maiden Takes Care of the Tab

Iron Miaden Bar TabReceipt of: Iron Maiden

Amount: $20,109

There seems to be a lot of spending when people accomplish something great (Who knew?). Iron Maiden continues to sell thousands of records to their die-hard fans. With their enormous sales, Iron Maiden makes it on the list of largest receipts. Maybe they have such die-hard fans because they take them out and cover their tab….or maybe it is due to their amazing music. We will let you decide that for yourself.

7. A Really Expensive Starbucks Coffee

starbucks billReceipt of: A person who loves Starbucks!

Amount: $20.65

This goes to show why Starbucks is so successful, and how every business can learn something from Starbucks! Although this bill says $0, the total amount was over $20 for a single cup of coffee. This person just went to Starbucks enough times to build up the Reward Points. Hopefully, paying over $20 for a caffeine fix isn’t a daily habit for this guy.

8. Charged for Farting?

farting chargeReceipt of: Unknown

Amount: $2.00 of a $49.70 bill

You know it’s bad when you get charged for farting. We have heard of having to put money in a jar when you cuss or do something you agreed that you wouldn’t do. However, this is the first time we have ever heard of someone getting charged for farting. If the person kept going to this place, they might want to look at investing in some BEANO!

9. Twilight Vampires Like Coffee?

Iced BloodReceipt of: A Thirsty Vampire?

Amount: $2.00 of a $30.20 bill

We all know Americans love coffee so we assume it wouldn’t be to strange to see your average vampire at the local coffee shop. We just wonder if this was for one of the Twilight vampires breaking their truce with the werewolves, or just Bella giving nourishment to her new baby.

10. A Wife…….

Wife Receipt

Receipt of: Someone in need of someone special

Amount: $3.99

What is the world coming to? Granted, there have been instances when people have bought a wife. But to buy one in Target, and for $3.99?? This sounds a little ridiculous to us. What happened to love and building a relationship rather than buying one?

11. Buy a Burrito Get a Cockroach for FREE!

cockroach receipt

Receipt of: A Tofu Burrito Aficionado

Amount: Free Cockroach w/Purchase

Hmmm… it seems like most people are trying to get rid of cockroaches. Imagine the sign to this place: “Free Cockroach with the Purchase of 2 Burritos and a Small Guacamole”. We are guessing this place must have some other interesting specials! We are going to keep our eye out for what they offer next!

12. An Expensive Receipt = Being Charged for Nothing

nothing receipt

Receipt of: A person who should ALWAYS check over their receipt (You should too!)

Amount: $50 for Nothing

You know the saying, “Nothing is free.”? Well, this goes to show that “nothing” could cost you $50. This person probably had a pretty funny expression once they realized all they got for $50. Hopefully they were able to go and get their money back. That leaves us wondering if there would be a “Refund Charge” though.

13. Pay for Those Insect Eggs

Insect receipt

Receipt of: We don’t want to know.

Amount: $3 for Something You Can Find in the Backyard

Who knew there would be such a market for insect eggs? Maybe people should think about collecting insect eggs from their backyard and selling them in their neighborhood (kind of like a lemonade stand).

14. Optimus Prime Saves the World and Saves you $4

optimus receipt

Receipt of: N/A

Amount: It doesn’t matter… Optimus Prime was the customer’s assistant = PRICELESS!

Optimus Prime does it all: saves the world from ultimate destruction, turns into a semi-truck, and now assists customers at local department stores. What is next? We don’t know the exact price of this receipt, and we could care less. Anything with Optimus Prime is priceless!

15. Nothing Worse Than a Cocky Cashier

hot receipt

Receipt of: We aren’t worried to much about the customer on this one. We just want to make sure the cashier isn’t to cocky with the next customer that comes in.

Amount: N/A

Have you ever gone and bought something from someone who wasn’t going to give you the time of day? We can only image what it would be like to come across this cashier.

16. Paying for a Cat’s Hairball?

cat hairball receipt

Receipt of: Someone who either 1. doesn’t have a cat or 2. likes wasting money

Amount: $11.99 for “One Cat Hairball”

The receipts keep getting crazier. A cat creates many hairballs throughout their life, so you would think this customer could find a local cat in their area to get a hairball from. They must have gotten really desperate for their hairball, though, because we can think of plenty of ways to spend $11.99 better!

17. Cat’s Pee Costs Money?

cats pee receipt


Receipt of: Someone who either 1. doesn’t have a cat or 2. likes wasting money

Amount: $16.84 for “Cat’s Pee”

First there was a cat’s hairball, and now people are paying for cat’s pee. It’s time to move away from those interesting animal purchases, and move onto some other receipts.

18. “Employee of the Month” Janet

janet receipt

Receipt of: The Customer of the “Employee of the Month” Janet!

Amount: Priceless. Janet is the employee of the month!

We had to show this one! After all, Janet was employee of the month and for good reason. This is the only receipt that is actually correct and not ridiculously overpriced. Congrats, Janet, hopefully you would have corrected their spelling of “tries” if they had asked you to edit this before putting it onto the receipt!

19. Joints at Target

joint receipt

Receipt of: Someone needing some new joints?

Amount: $19.99 for a Joint…not bad!

Ok, we know this isn’t literally a joint. But you have to admit that it looks pretty funny. We can picture it now….Target: The #1 stop for Joint Replacement!” You think it will catch?

20. A $1,000,000 Dinner Side

expensive receipt

Receipt of: N/A

Amount: $1,000,000 for a side

We saved one of the best ones for last.: a $1,000,000 side. This restaurant should definitely market themselves as the “Home of the $1,000,000 Side”. We are just wondering what their sales are? It should only a couple $1,000,000 side orders to cover the restaurant’s annual expenses.

Any Others?

From the most expensive to the very odd, you have seen the craziest credit card receipts we could find. Now don’t go out there and try to match some of the most expensive credit card receipts. We wouldn’t want you getting into any serious debt. No matter what your purchase is, make sure you always make good choices and check over your receipt. Last but not least, don’t forget to keep track of your receipts for further accounting. Hopefully you don’t run into a machine like the one below:

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5 Responses to “Credit Card Receipts: 20 Ridiculously Funny and Expensive Credit Card Receipts”

  1. That ATM receipt is out of control! And how about the receipt with $50 for nothing?! Last time I checked, “nothing” is free!

  2. Hugh Quint says:

    Really a interesting post , the best one was “charged for nothing”

  3. Wow, some of these blew my mind. Makes it easier to forget the time my wife went to the mechanic for windshield wipers and ending up spending $70.

    I could live off these guys’ reward points alone.

  4. Editor says:

    They are pretty interesting. I wouldn’t mind getting a few rewards point off of these!

  5. Francisco says:

    I was looking at one of the first receipts and being charge $50 for RED BULL? Seriously? The higher amount receipts are of super high-end places which they over charge 10 times the price for something and people just go on and order. How nice to have that kind of money to throw away.

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