Credit First National Association Tires Plus Platinum Credit Card

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Credit First National Association Tires Plus Platinum Credit CardThe Tires Plus Platinum credit card is a department store credit card that allows you to use your card for tires or for servers to maintain or repair your vehicle. This card is designed to help you manage the cost of car care by allowing you to make low monthly payments for the services that you need.

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The Tires Plus Platinum credit card is offered by Credit First National Association. This bank specializes in credit cards for tire and garage services. The terms for all of their credit cards are the same; however, the place where you can use your card will vary depending upon the card that you choose.

Credit First National Association Tires Plus Platinum Credit Card Overview

The Tires Plus Platinum credit card is a card that can be used only at Tire Plus facilities. The good news is that they have garages in over 500 locations where you can purchase tires as well as get services for your vehicle.

Credit First currently has an offer in place that allows you to spend $249 or more dollars and not pay any interest for six months. This applies to all purchases that exceed the $248 price tag. The interest is retroactive, which means if you don’t pay off your balance in six months, you will be charged for all of that interest for all of those months in a single statement.

This is not a low interest credit card nor is it a bad credit credit card. You can apply and qualify for this card with fair credit, however, the better your credit the higher your credit limit is going to be.

Credit First National Association Tires Plus Platinum Credit Card Terms

The terms for this credit card comply with the Federal Reserve rules, and include:

  • No annual fee
  • No penalty APR
  • 22.8% fixed APR
  • Late fees based on your card balance
  • $35 returned payment fee

Credit First National Association Tires Plus Platinum Credit Card Verdict

As with all of the cards from Credit First, this is a card with a high interest rate, which is not a good thing if you plan to carry a balance on your credit card. You might want to consider other options before choosing this credit card.

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One Cardholder Review for the “Credit First National Association Tires Plus Platinum Credit Card”

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    I got onto the plan for new tires even though I had money in hand, but it was before a big trip so I also wanted to build credit. I’ve already had to call them on two different occasions after finding things on my bill; first, they started charging me interest two months in because my bill didn’t equal the entry $249 minimum purchase required, even though my original bill was was around $335, but I got a discount after the fact because the service men failed to have the tires on in the 59min time frame Guarantee. Ether way the minimum wasn’t mentioned in person, why else would they give me the option to sign up? When I called credit first they took care of it, I asked if this was going to happen on the next bill they assured it would not, but she also dropped in as long as I don’t add any repairs to the bill.. well needed a new battery this month, so poo now i’ll probably see that interest. Second I take a look at this months bill, there’s a $20.00 late charge? I paid my bill by mailed in check on a Friday, it was due that Sunday, but it doesn’t post tell the next Tuesday cause it was also a holiday on Monday. I call again and their telling me its still late, that they don’t except post marks, and to read the fine print! Still they charge a outlandish $20 bucks? and can bend space and time? I asked for a manager, she supposedly lifted it after much reasoning with the fact I still paid it before the due date, if their not open to deposit that’s not my fault. She only offered that I should pay by Check! over the phone? no debit…that it takes at lest 7 days to make sure it reaches them by 5pm on the due date. I give up there’s way to much headache in three months for a newbie to credit to deal with their red-tape and mind-blowing power of screwing around that I’m going to pay them off and run.

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