Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Credit Card

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Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Credit CardRacing fans can apply for a Dale Earnhardt or Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR credit card. This financial product is backed by Bank of America and offers an attractive package of features and benefits for cardholders.

Customers who choose to apply for this product can take advantage of a low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) when the account is first opened. Like other rewards credit cards, this card also offers reward points on purchases, as well as the chance to collect NASCAR RacePoints. These points are redeemable on a variety of NASCAR merchandise options, as well as NASCAR experiences.

NASCAR RacePoints may be redeemed once a cardholder has accumulated 1,000 points. One point is awarded for each dollar spent using the card.

Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Credit Card Introductory APR

Customers who open a new account can take advantage of a 0% introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate). This rate stays in effect for between 7-10 billing cycles.

The introductory rate also applies to balance transfers made within 60 days of the account opening. The time for the introductory APR depends on the customer’s creditworthiness. Compare credit cards now!

Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Credit Card Standard APR

Once the introductory APR period has expired, the standard APR takes effect. The standard rate for this card is set between 12.99-20.99%. The rate that an individual customer is charged is determined by his or her creditworthiness and it applies to new purchases as well as balance transfers.

Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Credit Card Benefits

Other benefits offered to customers who choose the Dale Earnhardt NASCAR credit card include:

  • Online banking access to account information
  • Zero liability coverage for unauthorized card use
  • Purchase replacement feature- if an item purchased with the card is lost, stolen or damaged within 90 days, the customer is covered

Travel and emergency assistance are included with this card. Automatic car rental insurance is another feature offered to customers.

Bank of America offers additional cards on the same account at no extra charge. Cash advance checks are also offered to customers at no charge. The credit card may also be used to provide overdraft protection on the cardholder’s bank account.

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    Awesome card.

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