Diesel Credit Card

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Diesel Credit CardIf you are a business owner that runs diesel vehicles as part of your business, then you might want to consider a credit card that is specifically designed to provide savings for your type of business. One such card is the Fuelman Diesel Advantage Fleet Card for Business.

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The Fuelman Diesel Advantage credit card is not a standard credit card. In other words, it can only be used for fuel at participating gas stations, of which there are 55,000 across the United States. Fuelman does offer several other fleet cards with the MasterCard logo if you prefer a universal card.

Diesel Credit Card Saves Your Business Money

One major advantage to the Fuelman Diesel Advantage credit card is that you will get wholesale diesel pricing at participating gas stations. What’s more, you can earn up to a 5¢ per gallon rebate if you purchase large amounts of gas.

In addition, this diesel credit card allows you to control how your employees buy gas. According to Fuelman, most businesses see a 10% annual savings on gas because they are now able to manage spending.

Diesel Credit Card Overview

This card allows you to provide gas cards to each of your employees. What is different about this card, compared to other credit cards, is that you can put limits on each card. In addition, you can stipulate the time of day the card can be used and even at what stations it can be used.

You are also able to track all of the usage for each card in real time. The value here is that if you have a concern over an employee, you can see when and where they are getting their gas and determine if they are where they need to be, when they need to be.

As part of the benefits of using this card, all of your employees receive preventative maintenance and roadside assistance when driving one of your company vehicles. In addition, there is 24/7 customer service available.

Diesel Credit Card Concerns

Although the company says that there aren’t any annual fees or set up fees for this card, in their FAQ section, they do mention a $10 weekly fee in order to qualify for the rebate program. In addition, they don’t provide the terms and conditions for the card until you are halfway through the application process.

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