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Dillard's Credit CardDilliard’s Department Store, which operates more than 300 retail outlets across the country, makes two credit cads available to customers. The first is an American Express card issued by GE Money Bank, the second is an in-store only card.

Consumers who apply for a Dilliard’s card are considered first for the Amex card. Those who do not qualify, due to poor or insufficient credit, will automatically be considered for the in-store credit card. If the applicant was rejected by Amex for unusually poor credit, he may also be rejected for the lesser bad credit credit card.

Application for the Dilliard’s credit card may be made online or via a paper application found at any Dilliard’s location. Interested consumers must be 18 years of age and provide, name, address, social security number, driver’s license number, and annual income.

Dilliard’s Amex Credit Card Details

The Amex card is free from annual fees, but carries a two-tiered APR structure tied to the applicant’s credit worthiness.

  • First tier card holders pay an APR of 13.24%
  • Second tier accounts are charged 21.99%
  • All advances are charges at 26.99%

These interest rates are consistent for both purchases and balance transfers. The cash advances rate is consistent for all card holders, regardless of the account tier.

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The Dilliard’s Amex credit card offers reward points that can be redeemed for discounts at any Dilliard’s location. Card holders earn two points for every dollar spent in their stores, one point per dollar for every thing else. 15,000 points must be earned before they can be redeemed. Discounts are issued through all-day shopping passes worth 10% off all purchases on a single day.

As a premium for new card holders, Dilliard’s automatically issues the first discount pass if the customer spends at least $100 on the day the account is opened.

Dilliard’s In-Store Credit Card Details

Dilliard’s in-store credit card has no annual fee, but carries a very high APR of 23.99%. This card is not a good option for those who aren’t able to pay their balance in full very month. While the card’s reward points program works the same way as it does with the Amex card, the fact that Dilliard’s in-store credit card can only be used at their retail locations means 15,000 points are extremely difficult to accumulate.

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