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The Discover it® Card is one of the newer cards from Discover that brings more cash-back options and rewards to anyone who decides to use it on a regular basis. Many Discover customers are now switching to this card as their personal favorite for a variety of different reasons.

Whether it is the 0% intro APR on purchases or its amazing rewards program, there are definitely more than a handful of reasons to switch to this card today.

This card is almost like having a coupon in your pocket at all times because there are cash rebates available when you shop at just about any store. So what is there to like about this card? Let’s take a closer look at some of its key features.

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Don’t Worry About Annual Fees

One of the main selling points about the Discover it card is the fact that there are no annual fees. Plenty of people have had to deal with high annual fees with cards that give out massive amounts of rewards in the past, but that is not the case with the Discover it Card.

This card is all about giving rewards to the card holder, and you never have to worry about hidden fees that you do not remember seeing when you first signed the contract.

0% Intro Rate on All Balance Transfers

In addition to making purchases on a regular basis, people usually also want to be able to balance transfer from other accounts to their new card.

Any card holder of the Discover it Card will be happy to know that they will be able to make balance transfers at a 0% APR for the first 14 months of owning the card.

This is a perfect situation for anyone who wants to transfer a high amount of debt from some of the other cards that they are holding right now.

If you are dealing with existing debt that you need to pay off over the next year, then this card could be helpful in making sure that you do not add any more interest or fees to the amount that you already owe.

One thing that you need to remember here is that the APR on your transferred balance will go up to ten or twenty percent after 14 months, so it would make sense to pay off your debt as quickly as possible.

A quick side note that needs to be mentioned is that there is another version of this card that actually gives you 0% APR on your balance transfers for 18 months. The only other difference between this card and the normal Discover it Card is that you will only have a 6 month window on the 0% APR on new purchases.

o% APR on New Purchases for 14 Months

credit card discover itMost people are used to the idea of getting a card with a 0% APR on new purchases for 6 months or a year, but the Discover it Card goes above and beyond the normal limitations of this kind of intro rate.

You will actually be able to make purchases with the 0% APR for an entire 14 months when you switch to this card today.

This is one of the longest periods of time that you can find a 0% APR on purchases with any kind of card in the world today. If you are thinking about buying something that would be considered rather expensive by most people, then you may want to do it with card.

Imagine spending a few thousand dollars on an item where you don’t even have to worry about interest for 14 months.

The Cash Back Rewards System

The main thing that most people want to read about when it comes to switching to a new card is the kinds of rewards that they can expect to get on a monthly or yearly basis. There are a few different levels of rewards available with this card, and you will be able to get anywhere from 1 to 20 percent cash back on the purchases that you make every single month.

Before you make any purchase with this card, you will want to make sure that there is not another location where you could purchase that product or service at a lower rate with this card. Let’s take a look at the three different levels of cash back rewards found with the Discover it Card.

  1. 20% cash back on items from the online Discover mall. The main thing that people will want to look at when they first get their Discover it Card is the ability to get 20% cash back on certain purchases. While this is not something that you will be able to get at every store in your local neighborhood, the fact of the matter is that you should take 20% off any purchase when it is available to you. When you shop at Discover’s online shopping mall that gives you access to a large variety of different items, you will be able to save anywhere from 5 to 20 percent on various purchases that you make.
  2. Earn 5% cash back from various purchasing categories.While 20% cash back basically puts you in a dream world of rewards, the reality is that 5% cash back is nothing to sneeze at either. When you use the Discover it Card on a regular basis, you will notice that you are able to 5% cash back on certain purchases during different points of the year. This is the perfect setup for any well-rounded individual because you will be able to get 5% cash back on anything from gas to restaurants at certain points of the year:
    • During the months of January to March, you will be able to earn 5% cash back on restaurants and movies with the Discover it Card. You can earn a maximum of $75 back per month for these categories, and you will still be able to get 1% cash back after you pass that $75 threshold.
    • Once spring has arrived, you will be able to get 5% cash back at home improvement stores. This is the perfect time of the year to remodel parts of your home or just do some spring cleaning, so the cash back category from April to June definitely makes sense for almost anyone who owns a home.
    • From July until September, you will be able to get 5% cash back at gas stations. This is a huge deal for anyone who commutes to work or simply has a lot of errands to run during the day. It also makes sense for all of those summer vacations. You will earn 5% cash back on all gas purchases up to $1,500 per month during this time of the year, and you will still be able to earn 1% cash back on all purchases after that.
  3. 1% cash back on all other purchases. There are some cards out there that will only give you 1% cash back on certain purchases throughout the month, but the Discover it Card will actually give you 1% cash back on everything that has not already been covered by a higher cash back rewards system. The previous version of this card actually only gave you 1% cash back after you spent $3,0000 in a month, but the upgraded version of this card now gives you 1% cash back on everything.

Other Options with Your Cash Back Bonuses

Although most people only look at the cash back they can get from various amounts of spending in a month, you may want to actually look into the gift cards that you can trade for when it comes to the rewards points on this card.

There is nothing wrong with getting your cash back in the form of a direct deposit to your bank account, but there some amazing gift card options to look at as well. You can actually earn twice as much money from your rewards programs if you go with gift cards instead of cash.

credit card review of Discover ItHere are just some of the different stores that offer gift cards through this program:

  1. Carnival Cruise
  2. Celebrity Cruises
  3. Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
  4. Samsonite

Other Ways to Use Your Rewards

In addition to redeeming gift cards instead of cash with your rebates, there are a few other ways you can increase the amount of cash back that you are getting on a monthly basis.

For example, you can link your Discover it Card to your bill payments to instantly give yourself access to more cash-back rewards on a monthly basis. There is no easier way to give yourself free money than linking your bill payments to this kind of lucrative rewards program.

Another way to make sure that you are using your cash back rewards to your advantage is to link your Discover it Card Rewards Program to Amazon. With this method of rewards dispersement, you will basically be able to instantly purchase any kind of new gadget or item that you want to buy off Amazon.

The Perks Never End with the Discover it Card

It definitely seems like the benefits of this card never end. In addition to the above mentioned rewards, card holders can also take advantage of the fact that there is no foreign transaction fee that you have to worry about while you are outside the country.

Most other credit cards make a killing for the credit card company by charging a fee every time that the card is used outside of its home country, but you never have to worry about that with the Discover It Card.

Another amazing perk of the Discover it Card is that you do not have to worry about late payments affecting your APR. When you make a late payment, you will only have to worry about paying interest and a late fee.

There is no reason to change your APR because Discover knows that you will eventually be able to catch up with your payments. It should be noted that this perk only lasts for the first late payment on your Discover It Card.

Is There Anything Not to Love About This Card?

The only real downside of this card is that there is not a sign-up bonus that you can use to immediately get some cash back.

While this is definitely one perk that plenty of people search for when they are getting a new card, the fact of the matter is that Discover more than makes up for the lack of a sign up bonus with the ridiculous rewards that you can earn over the long term.

What’s the Verdict?

We find the Discover it Card to be one of the best credit cards currently available for people who are interested in rewards and cash-back programs more than anything else.

There are not many features missing from this card’s cash-back program, and it would be the perfect option if you are someone who wants to be able to find as much savings as possible throughout the year.

To find and compare other credit card options for FREE, simply use our credit card chaser tool below now!

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