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Discover More Versus Discover Student More Credit CardThis card is no longer available. If you’re looking for a Discover card, check out the Discover it®.

Discover offers a wide range of credit cards with different reward levels and options. The Discover More and Discover Student More cards offer a higher level of rewards than some of the other cards.

The Discover Student More cards are designed for high school and college students just getting their first start in building and using credit. The Discover More card is a rewards card for anyone to apply for.

The primary difference between the student and regular cards is the interest rate and the length of the introductory rate. Consider your use of credit cards when choosing the one below that is right for you.

Discover also offers Student More cardholders its Credit 101 program, designed to help student learn to manage credit. As the College Board points out, credit cards need to be carefully handled. This is best done while the young adult is still under his parents’ guidance, since his decisions about using credit today can affect him for years.

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Discover Student More Card Terms

  • Discover Student More Credit Card9 month introductory period with a 0% interest rate
  • Interest rate reverts to between 12.99% and 18.99%
  • Allows you to choose the design for your card
  • No annual fee

With both cards you have online access to your account 24/7. You can view your recent statements, see what purchases and payments have cleared since your last statement, and even pay your bill on the website.

Discover is consistently among the most highly rated credit cards.

J.D. Powers & Associates’ customer satisfaction survey gives Discover one of its top ratings. Discover received a five out of a possible score of five in the all around customer satisfaction survey.

Both cards are enrolled in Discover’s Cashback Reward program. You’ll receive a percentage of each purchase back in reward dollars. You can then use these reward dollars to receive gift cards from popular retailers or credit on your account. You can even choose to have the Cashback amount donated to a charity of your choice.

Redeeming your Cashback rewards is easy. You do have to register online as a user and establish a password. Once you are logged on, you can go to the Cashback Rewards page. If your Cashback rewards exceed a certain level, you can choose which way you want to redeem them: account credit, gift card, or charity donation. If you choose a gift card, you can scroll through the list of partners who offer cards.

One thing that sets Discover rewards apart is that the gift cards are worth more than your rewards. For example, a $25gift card from Bed, Bath, and Beyond will only cost $20 of Cashback rewards. Other retailers will give you a $45 card for $40 in rewards.

Discover More Card Terms

  • Discover More Card15 month 0% introductory period
  • Interest rate reverts to 10.99% to 19.99%
  • Balance transfers also incur a 3% fee
  • No annual fee

Your exact interest rate after the introductory period expires will depend on your credit score, total debt, and income.

The Student More and Discover More cards earn extra reward dollars. Purchases in certain categories, like gas or restaurants, will receive 5% back. Discover publishes a calendar to let you know which categories are included in the 5% deal each quarter.

You do have to remember to sign up each quarter, as it doesn’t roll over. However, signing up is done easily online, if you can remember to do it. All purchases from other categories receive 1% back. However, shop through Discover’s online mall, and those purchases will net you between 5% and 20% Cashback bonuses.

The Discover online mall has over 200 retailers available.

You do have to be a cardmember to shop here, and log on with your account number and password. Not only will you find deals only available from Shop Discover mall, but you’ll find special offers like free shipping available only there.

There are also travel deals available, including cruises, available only to Discover customers. You’ll earn cashback rewards for purchasing these as well. All of these Cashback Rewards deals are available to both Discover More and Discover Student More cardholders.

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