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Disney Credit CardThe Chase Disney Rewards Visa credit card is issued in conjunction with Chase Bank, and offers special rewards to members as incentives to frequent their theme parks, see their movies, and purchase Disney merchandise. For the die-hard Disney fan, this rewards card is an excellent choice.

Disney Rewards membership also carries with it special promotions available only to card holders. Examples of such promotions include discounted theater tickets, reduced theme park admission, and savings on select Disney products.

Rewards add up quickly with this card, but the interest rates are on the higher side. It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

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Disney Credit Card APRs

An introductory rate of 0% is good for the first twelve months of any new account. Thereafter, annual APRs of 13.24% to 16.24%, for purchases and balance transfers, are tied to the credit score and history of the applicant. Rates will vary according to the movement of the Prime Rate as established by the Wall Street Journal’s regular bank survey. Cash advances carry a 19.24% APR while overdraft advances are at 24.24%.

A limited 0% interest rate is automatically given to card holders after twelve consecutive billing cycles free of late payments. The special rate continues for 6 months and is valid only on certain qualified transactions, all of which involve Disney travel. Compare this with other travel reward credit cards now!

Disney Credit Card Rewards Program

The Disney credit card rewards members with 1 point for every $100 in net purchases. Points can be redeemed by contacting Chase Disney directly or via online account management. The program will issue a points “debit card” usable at Disney retailers or vacation destinations. Card holders can also request points be converted into theater tickets for a Disney movie playing locally.

Seasoned Disney travelers who use the Visa Rewards card often accumulate points to be used for meal payment next time they take a Disney vacation. This is just one of many creative ways to make good use of your Disney credit card rewards.

Finally, unlike travel rewards typical of many other credit cards, there are no black out dates associated with the Disney Rewards program. Points can be redeemed at any time, and discounted travel offers are available throughout the year.

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