Disney Premier Visa vs. Disney Rewards Visa

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Disney Premier Visa Versus Disney Rewards Visa Credit CardsThere are some major differences using the Disney Premier Visa vs. Disney Rewards Visa from Chase, although they are both rewards-based credit cards. It is true that their redemption process is virtually the same. However, you should review a few variations for yourself.

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Most everyone loves Disney index so it is not hard to understand why the Disney Premier and Disney Rewards cards are so popular. With the distinguished Visa logo, these credit cards have worldwide acceptance. In addition, because Chase stands behind their investments, you know they are reliable and dependable. Regardless of the one you select, you will feel young at heart every time.

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Disney Rewards Visa Shopping Perks

When you use your Disney Rewards Visa to shop, you not only redeem dollars for your vacation, but also for things that you and your family can enjoy at home.

You do not necessarily have to be on location at any Disney facility to redeem your Disney Rewards dollars, but it does help you accrue them more quickly.

You can start by visiting the Disney Store at several locations or by going online . Here, you have access to a huge array of games. Your choices include traditional and computerized games for all age groups. In addition, there are books and even the latest Blue Ray and DVD movies too.

When you need costumes for special occasions like Halloween, use your points for all kinds of costumes and the accessories to make your day extra fun. For the small children, the Disney Store has all sorts of stuffed animals featuring some of the most loved characters.

Disney Rewards Visa Credit Card Overview

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Sign-Up Bonus: $50 gift card after your first purchase
  • APR: 0% for 6 months then, 14.24%
  • 1% reward bucks on Disney purchases only
  • Redeemable dollars for the Disney Store or Disney online
  • Reward dollars can be used for park passes and other perks

Disney Premier Visa Shopping Perks

The Disney Premier Visa gives you all of these options, but you also get so much more. In addition to the shopping benefits, you also receive an extra 10% when you spend over $50 online or in person at the Disney Store.

You can also use your dollars to fly anywhere, not just a Disney location. Your choice of airlines is also wide open, unlike the Disney Rewards credit card, which does not provide this option. You cannot use your points for any non-Disney selections.

Disney Premier Visa Credit Card Overview

  • Annual Fee: $49
  • Sign-Up Bonus: $100 gift card after your first purchase
  • APR: 14.24%
  • 2% reward bucks when you purchase the following:
  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Restaurants
  • Airline Tickets
  • Disney Locations and Resorts
  • 1% reward bucks on every other kind of purchase
  • Over 1000 rewards with zero black-out penalties
  • Redeemable dollars for the Disney Store or Disney online

The Disney Premier and Rewards Difference

You can see the main difference between the Disney Premier and Rewards credit card as soon as you arrive at the theme park or step on-board the Disney Cruise Line. This is where the Reward credit card really shines.

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While the Premier Visa does allow certain discounts, like 10% off dinner, you must choose restaurants within a Disney Resort. The Rewards credit card far surpasses this benefit. In fact, this is where the limits of the Premier credit card start to show. It does have excellent benefits and advantages, but when you arrive at the theme park, resort or hotel, you will definitely want to have the Rewards card on hand.

You can use the rewards dollars from your Disney Rewards credit card to pay for hotels or purchase park passes. You can have a spa day on the Disney Cruise Line and purchase any kind of souvenir you want. All of this and more can be completed, just with your rewards dollars.

Special Disney Premier Rewards Visa Credit Card Designs

Depending on which credit card you select, you have an option of eight different designs to appear on the front. The Disney Premier Visa Card features favorites like, Sorcerer Mickey, Tinker Bell, Minnie and Mickey, Cars and the Princess card all in assorted colors.

While the Disney Rewards Visa Card has Finding Nemo, Vintage Mickey and Toy Story. You can also choose a standard blue or silver credit card with a simple Disney logo.

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