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Ducks-Unlimited-Credit-Card-ReviewWetlands conservation group Ducks Unlimited has teamed up with Bank of America to offer the Ducks Unlimited Credit Card. This WorldPoints® Platinum Plus® Visa® card is a great way to help the 74-year old organization preserve our nation’s wetlands and wildlife.

For those consumers who want to combine credit building with social responsibility, this card may be appealing. Reveiw the rates and benefits to decide if it’s right for you.

  • For every new Ducks Unlimited credit card account, Bank of America will donate $2.00.
  • An additional $4.00 is donated for every account that is renewed.
  • On every-day purchases and major expenditures, Bank of America contributes $.25 for every $100 you spend.
  • Thus far, the organization has received more than $70 million from this program.

Signing up for the Ducks Unlimited credit card is made easy through a secure, online application process. Applicants must be 18 years of age and produce social security number, income, and other personal information for approval. Each applicant can choose one of eight different card designs during the application process.

Low Introductory Rate with the Ducks Unlimited Credit Card

The Ducks Unlimited credit card comes with no annual fee and a low introductory rate of 0% for the first seven to ten billing cycles, provided the applicant has a good credit rating. The rate applies to balance transfers and new retail purchases.

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After that, the annual APR rises to a minimum of 12.99%. Poor credit could push the APR as high as 20.99%. The standard APR for cash advances, cash-equivalent transactions, and overdrafts is 24.24%.

Ducks Unlimited Credit Card and WorldPoints Program

Bank of America’s WorldPoints program allows cardholders to earn one point for every dollar spent. WorldPoints can be redeemed for merchandise, select services, travel, or cash. Balance transfers and cash advances do not qualify for WorldPoints earnings.

Ducks Unlimited Credit Card offers Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

As a special premium to new customers, a $25.00 gift card will be issued to new cardholders after at least $100 in combined purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances is accrued. Bank of America reserves the right to to substitute the Bass Pro Shops card with another premium of equal or lesser value. Students are not eligible to receive such premiums.

Ducks Unlimited Platinum Plus for Business

For business owners, Bank of America has made available the Ducks Unlimited Platinum Plus for Business Master Card. The card offers instant working capital for business expenses, insurance against unauthorized employee expenditures, and tax benefits; all with no annual fee. Like the WorldPoints Visa card, the business card also earns contributions for Ducks Unlimited.

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