DuPont Community Credit Union Business Visa Credit Card

DuPont Community Credit Union Business Visa Credit CardThe DuPont Community Credit Union offers one credit card for businesses. This credit card is called the DuPont Community Credit Union Business Visa credit card. Your business must have account at the credit union in order to qualify for this card.

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This credit card is a rewards credit card. As with many credit union rewards credit cards, you are limited to one point for every one dollar that you spend using your card. However, with the Visa rewards online shopping site, you can save money on specific services.

DuPont Community Credit Union Business Visa Credit Card Overview

As mentioned above, this business Visa is a rewards credit card for every one dollar you spend you can earn one point they can be redeemed for travel, gift certificates, airfare, or gift certificates. There is no limit to the points that you can earn annually and the points do not expire.

Although this a credit card for business, you will be personally responsible for any debt occurred on the card. In addition, you are also personally responsible for any unauthorized credit card use or debt incurred by your employees.

DuPont Community Credit Union Business Visa Credit Card Terms

One of the first things that you will find about this credit card is that you cannot see what your base annual percentage rate will be. You will not be able to learn this information until you actually apply for the card and it is offered to you.

Your rate will be determined by the Prime rate, which is published by the Wall Street Journal on the third business day of every month. The prime rate is currently 3.25% and it has not changed for several years.

There is no annual fee for this card and no penalty APR should you miss a payment or if you are late on a credit card payment. However, DuPont Community Credit Union reserves the right to close your account and demand payment in full should you miss a payment or if you’re late on a payment.

There’s a 3% transaction fee for cash advances and balance transfers. The late payment fee and over the credit limit payment fee are $25 each however, DuPont must comply with the Federal Reserve credit card laws regarding the structures.

DuPont Community Credit Union Business Visa Credit Card Verdict

It is very likely that this is a low interest business credit card, as most credit cards from credit unions tend to be. There are credit cards that offer much better rewards programs; however, if you plan to carry a balance, especially a high balance, then you may want to choose a low interest credit card rather than a high rewards card.

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